Exercise Questions | Best ways to put on muscle??

So i'm 6'3" and apx. 160lbs. and 20 years old. I have a hard time putting on weight and keeping it on. I work out regularly. does anyone have any suggestions for an effective weight gaining diet and exercise routine.


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7/22/2011 2:47:12 PM
Thank PT for the Support,

Also if you are new to olympic lifts and
do not know how to do them do not be
turned away.

They are not as hard as they seem, yes
they do take years of practice to do
what the olympic athletes do but we arnt
trying to compete in the olympics.

Do some research and learn these moves,
you'll love them. and in the mean time
look into power cleans, power snatch,
overhead squat and front squat.

These are the breakdown of the full
move. Master these and the full lift
will come easy!

Personal Trainer
7/22/2011 1:39:40 PM
Hi Lucas,

That's good advice man. I like to see people recommend Olympic exercises, it packs on muscle a LOT faster than your basic lat pulldowns, military press and other isolation exercises.

You're 160 6'3" and I'd also agree about pro, fats and carbs at each meal because you need more calories in general. I'm guessing you have a sick metabolism and you need to start injecting some calories to get some muscle building from those olympic exercises..

4000 might be a bit high to start but see how a 3400 calorie/day week goes and track your dimensions.. You'll be able to tweak your intake from there.. You might put on a bit of fat at the same time but you can easily take that off after a month or two of growth.


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7/22/2011 11:05:40 AM
For a program stick with compound full
body exercises
-push press
-clean and press

Start with a 3 day split do 2 exercises
per workout

monday - squat and dead lift
wednesday - bench and pushpress
friday - clean and press(or jerk)and

make sure to end each session with a
good 10 min static stretching.

As for a diet you need to eat!
you might think you eat a lot but you
probably aren't even close. eat 5 -7
meals a day with protiens, fats and a
carbs in each meal.

pick meats high in fat - salmon, beef,
dark meat chicken. all nuts, avocados.
any vegetables and a low glycemic carb
like yam or brown rice.

Aim for like 4000 calories a day, if you
have to start spoon feeding your self
peanut butter.

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