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I'm a 22 year old female and I have questions about the correct way to get tones/gain muscle. I'm not over weight, I'm 5'9 132lbs. I have no muscle definition though. I've been doing crunches sit ups and leg/butt workouts at home for 2 weeks now. I'm not seeing results and wondering why. I'm sore a lot though. I work out 30 mins everyday but don't really do cardio and I'm not dieting for the simple fact that I'm not trying to lose weight. I plan on getting a membership to a gym soon to start running and do more intense workouts. My question is simply should I continue lightly working out everyday?? If so what workouts? If not what should I be doing? Thanks so much


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4/20/2011 4:48:47 PM
Good response Andy, how often would you do HIIT? We would love to hear how you got down to 2.5%!!

Obviously that's not the OP goal but it should help get her on the right track.

To answer your question, NO. You need to step up your intensity dramatically. Lightly working out wont release the hormones required to help really start burning fat. The trick is that once you start exercising more you need to compensate your eating with MORE vegetables, beans and protein like eggs and tuna. It may seem almost impossible to do but it will make you achieve results.

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4/20/2011 4:14:04 PM
First there are many diffrent workout routines, however to become toned and see definition you must lose the layer of body fat covering your muscles. The best wat to accomplish this is by a proper diet and you might consider (HITT) OR High Intensity Interval Training for your cardio. This same web site has a fatloss and routine combined with HITT training that works, Here is the link
Hope this helps, it really works I have been using it for four weeks and have lost 2.5% bodyfat while also gaining muscle.

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