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im just wondering whats the best powder suplement? im on creatine right now but i want to get even bigger. i cna only get stuff from GNC in Canada? any suggestions on getting huge (muscley looking) from any GNC products?


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4/10/2006 11:02:04 AM
I would suggest stacking Leukic and Gakic, this can be a little pricey, but these are by far the best two stacked and i have had tremendous results on these, i have upped my bench to 295, and my squat to 490, also you must eat alot of calories, and take whey powder, bannana cream is a good flavor, for the Gakic, buy the powder( tastes like shit but works better) i use both, alternate them, Leukic is only in pills but works amazing. good luck man

4/29/2004 6:16:41 PM
You look like your on the right track taking creatine but if you want real size you should take glutamine and colostrum powder but be careful with colostrum its the strongest powder supplement available as to your weight im 270 pounds and im 6foot3 i gained 2 kg a week my arms natural size when i begain was 17 inch now they are 19and a half in 3 months my genetics are better than swarzenneggers and thats without arrogance mainly because im taller and that i dont need steriods to be big SO ALL YOU LITTLE BODYBUILDERS STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT NOT GETTING BIG CAUSE YOU WILL NEVER BE TRULY BIG CAUSE IF YOU DONT START OUT BIG YOU WILL NEVER BE BIG well if u use steriods maybe. anyway think on this when u see me at the next big bodybuilding comp beating grown men

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3/31/2004 12:21:40 PM
well im on creatine right now but im all out and i need to know what i should get next to get big. i dont want an answer saying i dont need anything to get big but i want some powder suplements from GNC in new brunswick. i weigh 160 pounds and im looking to reach 180 by the end of summer...and i want to be big and bulky but also look muscular..

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3/30/2004 7:07:23 PM
I like to use designer I know it is one of the best for the price and you will see results. my question to you is what is your weight and what does your diet consist of that will have a lot to do with how you body responds to any supplementation? have you had a caloric intake plan made for your self. one more thing no matter how much protein you take in at one time the body can only digest around 35-40 grams every two hours. so if you are taking in more then that at one sitting you are letting good protein go down the drain literally.

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