Body Building | Beginner : what to expect

hello, ive just started working out, and
i have a routine, with different days
applying to different muscles, as i learned
from this site, but im just wondering the type
of progress i should expect. also, what
should i feel when im done working out?
does soreness imply that its working? only
the first couple times i have felt sore, but
now i am fine after im done. i have a routine
with monday thursday chest and arms, then
tuesday friday legs, abs, and anything else.
I do about 4 or 5 excersizes, 15 reps, with
weights that are not light, but pretty efficient
(i.e. i get a bit tired) Also, its a home
gym. one other question, how soon to expect
visual results?

thanks very much in advance


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7/22/2004 2:53:50 PM

7/20/2004 8:57:25 AM

and for my other question, how am i supposed to feel during and after my workout to know i am doing it properly?

one more thing, i know of alot of people who use protein supplements to enhance their muscle growth. i dont really want to use any supplements, because i dont really think i need them. would you recommend them? im on the "body for life" program, which is basically a pyramid workout 3 times a week. ill give an example of a standard days meal:

Breakfast: glass of milk, 2 eggs, toast

Lunch:Pasta, sandwich (both with some sort of meat in them)

Dinner:Shrimp, Salmon, Chicken shish-kebobs, salad, potatos, grilled vegetables.

Random meals(usually about 2 or 3 other meals during the day):yogurt, fruits, more milk at the end of the day, maybe the odd sandwich and a toast with something on it.

i know that a glass of milk has 8.6g of protein (i checked the package), and i have about 2-3 a day. i try to have alot of meat. with my body type i am not worried about gaining weight, i already have a pretty good natural build, and personally, so if someone introduced the notion of eating less carbs (atkins diet or whatever the hell it is) i would punch them (i need my bread+sandwiches :D ) oh ya, im 5'11 and 150lbs

sooo, should i get protein bars or protein shakes?

7/12/2004 9:27:32 AM
GIANT SETS: Giant sets consist of performing different exercises for one body part. Set one is performed directly followed be a set of the second exercise. There is minimal rest between the exercises but rest between sets can be from 1-3 minutes. For example, doing shoulder presses followed by lateral raises.

SUPERSETS: A superset consists of performing different exercises for two or more body parts. Set one is performed directly followed by a set of the second exercise. There is minimal rest in between the exercises but rest in between sets can be from 1-2 minutes. For example, barbell curls followed by triceps extensions

DROP SETS: These are performed by following a set with another set with less weight, and usually less reps. This is done for the last two sets of an exercise.

And i think what you've just described is called a pyramid... you start at a weight u can do for 12 reps and then up the weight so that u can only do 10 and then up it again so u can only do 8 etc.

7/10/2004 12:43:57 PM
one other question. ive heard the terms dropsets superset etc., but i do not know what they mean. i have been told about a bill phillips workout routine thing, something along the lines of doing 12 reps, then 8, then 6, then 2 12's again, but im not sure of the specifics. if anyone knows this, or something similar i can use, it will be greatly appreciated. i have seen the results it makes with people i know, and i am greatly impressed

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