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I need some helpful medical advice from those of you who have used Liptoprin-Rx. I have heard a lot of good feedbacks about this health supplement from others but I need more information about this product from those of you who have actual experience in using it and what were the good and bad effects it had in your body.

All I know that it helps you lose weight and increase your sexual metabolism as well. Thinking about it, the benefit is quite impressive. This is where I need more inputs from actual experience from you guys…

My advance thanks for those who can help contribute your actual experience and feedbacks about this product.

Best of health to all of you!


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1/26/2007 6:08:55 PM
That was a very informative response from you Guest. Thanks!

I did check with my doctor and the results of my medical exam tells that I am physically fit to take any supplement but must be cautious with the ingredients as long as it is made from natural substances.

I did starting using Liptoprin and it has been a week now since I started. They were right that it does lessen your appetite and I have more control with my diet plan and have more time to go to the gym for my daily exercise.

1/16/2007 11:02:13 AM
Here are some pointers I have read and compiled that I wanted to share based from persons who did use Liptoprin:

They say that the supplement is made of natural ingredients but the primary ingredient that composes Liptoprin is Antrophen HCl - an ingredient that helps decrease the "appetite" of a person when taken. Basically, it was also made by the manufacturer of this weight loss supplement to replace the harmful substance Ephedrine but by using natural ingredients instead. Yet, the performance of Antrophen HCl has the same features of Ephedrine except that it eradicates the negative side effects (palpitations, mood swings, etc) caused by the harmful substances of Ephedrine. Hope I am clear in explaining the difference of the two ingredients at this point...

There were additional ingredients aside from Antrophen HCl, to enhance the usefulness of this weight loss supplement that will solve the primary problems encountered by individuals who are in the process of losing weight such as: sagging skin, pale skin, mood swings, etc. Aside from this, there were natural additives that were included like a unique "ginseng" (not so sure of the exact name of the ingredient) that boosts the sex drive of the individual who takes the supplement.

But there were other cases that were unsuccessful with it and this was due to other health disorders that they have and they did made a sound advise to consult with a doctor first to see if a person is physically fit to take the supplement. It should always be a standard procedure for any person to check his own physical health before taking any pill, drug or health supplement since we have our own individual health conditions such as high blood, heart conditions or thyroid illnesses and there are certain medications that may contradict with the ingredients of the supplement unless prescribed by your doctor that it is safe to use it.

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12/19/2006 2:54:15 AM
Here is some advice I use it and see the development of your diet for your self. Believe me its an excellent supp. I'd used it and i lost 37 lbs in 3 months.

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