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Hi, has anyone here tried Andro poppers? If so, how did it work? PLEASE answer if you know anything about this product... thanks:)


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Myfit Expert
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11/1/2003 7:43:40 PM
Most of us here just dont use them.

11/1/2003 6:58:49 PM
So you guys would not recomment using prohormones?

10/31/2003 12:30:05 PM
Sorry, I don't think the target of this website is geared towards testosterone enhancement. You may want to try somewhere else. If you're looking for healthy weight gain you've come to the right place.

10/30/2003 7:41:22 AM
They are one of the most popular prohormone staks! they're from the Pinnacle company... Doesn't anybody here have any experience of them or anything?

Myfit Expert
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10/23/2003 4:10:36 PM
Sry, no clue about what they are

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