Body Building | Alright, i am back please read about regimen progress....

I was the previous "guest" who asked about
"whether to continue running" and if I
was on the "right track".......

I have a registered name now, so let me
please inquire some info. from all you experts.

I have recently started a training program
which I hope will get me results by the
conclusion of 12 is about
the 4th week, and I have gained weight and
improved my body somewhat........yet I am
not even half-way to my goal.

I have begun to use Whey Protein on a regular
basis and now I am just about to start
with creatine. I also have gone
from a 3 day a week workout to a 5
day a week concentrating on about 2 sections
of the body each session. (I stretch twice a day
everyday) ...usually lasts about 30 minutes
with the standard # reps/sets and heavy weights.

For the experts, my questions are:

1. Is this a good training program?

2. When is the best time to use the
Whey Protein? (I drink 1 shake in the
morning and another in the evening (when
I do my workouts, about 1 hour after as the directions
on the container say so)

3. Again, I am a little over 6 ft.
and weight 160 lbs.......with a slim
figure, but definately more toned than
4 weeks ago.

Thanks again to all.


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6/26/2003 7:44:45 PM
Thank you personal trainer for the positive
remarks...............I have gained some
additional weight.......the creatine seems
to be assisting me.......hopefully this
plan will work for me.

I have gone to other fitness boards, and
many have recommended to me to only train
3 times a week with the weights......
as my main goal is to build some muscle
mass.........what do you think?

Another thing, the Whey Protein I use
is called "Mega Whey" a product of
GNC and contains "5 grams of
free form glutamine and 3 g of BCAA"
in addition to the 40 g of protein in
each serving........

Thanks again Personal Trainer.

Personal Trainer
6/25/2003 1:00:40 PM
Dear Guest,

1. Yes, it sounds like you are training to gain muscle and as long as you have a positive nitrogen balance (increased protein intake), you will notice an increase in muscle mass.

2. Great question... the best time to take is... all the time in small proportions! have half a scoop 6 times a day.... your body will absorb it better. However you can take more protein directly after your workout to repair the damaged muscles. The reason why they say that on your bottle is to keep your body in an 'anabolic' (growing) state.

3. Congradulations! Im glad to hear that your regeme is working according to plan. Keep up the great work and once its apart of your daily routine you will be unstoppable!

Personal Trainer

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