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okay, I I recntly lost aton of weight over 120lbs to be exact. I'm having surgery for removal of excess skin next year when I'm old enough.By the way, I'm 16.
Anyways, surgery only corrects some of the problems.
I have a butt that looks the a balloon with the air let out and I feel aweful!
I also have problem with the groin area too, so with just some of the problems mentioned, does anyone know what exercise there are to help, even just a little?
I'd really appreicate!



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7/7/2007 11:11:12 AM
I don't think exercises have been shown to reduce excess skin, despite what people might tell you about 'tightening up'.

I think if you get good nutrition, keep reasonably active, then the skin should slowly reduce to get rid of the excess... in the meantime, the only way I can think of making it look less baggy is to fill it back up again.

Before, it was filled with fat, so if you build muscle in whatever area is saggy, it might fit a little better. Both immediately underneath, and also surrounding areas since skin does kind of borrow from other areas a small tad. So I'd get going on some squats.

A lot of the time there's left-over fat in the skin too, that wasn't sucked out, so inreased muscle mass can help with that too.

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