Nutrition | Alcohol, workout and hdl?

Hello everyone,

I know next to nothing about nutrition except for the nutrition articles I read now and then, and even then most of the time I don't really understand much of the scientific explanations, so bear with me if my questions might seem kind of stupid

I recently got my blood test done and the doctor pointed out that I had a very low HDL count. I had my liver checked and there was nothing wrong with it. I'm 29 years old, male. I'm 170lbs, 5'9". I usually have whole wheat pasta or brown rice with meat (mostly chicken or beef) and some salad. I don't smoke. My HDL level is .49 which dropped from last year or .62.

I read that exercising daily, eating healthy and moderate alcohol consumption will increase your HDL. Around 4 oz of red wine on a daily basis will is apparently good, but I know that alcohol is also counter productive for workouts.

During the weekdays I take a shot of olive oil (any suggestions on whether virgin or extra virgin is better for your health?) in the morning. Throughout the day I drink alot of water till my piss turns clear by the time I leave the office. I have a cup of green tea around the afternoon (no coffee).

When I get home, I have dinner and 30 minutes later I do weight and endurance training for around 40 minutes. 10 minutes after I have half a piece of wheat bread and a glass of water (I heard you can drink milk instead of water after workouts and it's more beneficial, any suggestions?).

Now my question is when do I slip in my 4oz of wine? The general consensus is that you should not drink after working out but there are conflicting stories about drinking before working out as it thins the blood and decreases heart strain when working out. Should I drink before working out or during dinner or maybe some other time during the day?
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