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I'm a pathetic 300lbs... 5'3-4" tall and 18yrs old...

I've been trying to lose weight ever sice I have started to gain it tremendously (Started gaining when I was about 12yrs old...)

The problems I've been having relate to my dad.. he's the basic reason I have gained weight:

1) I can hardly get out of the house.. we live in the middle of nowhere so I can't really go anywhere... I have no bikes.. or any sort of exercise equipment. Also.. I'm not able to live on my own, no car, no forms of transportation.. and because of the lack of transportation and having a neglectful dad... I have no job to be able to support myself...

2) He buys high fatty foods.. I try to avoid them.. but I can't starve myself to death (I have tried starving though... -_-).. gotta eat something.. I'm not able to convince him to get proper foods. I hardly do eat though.. sometimes around 2 times a day.. maybe 3 depends. All smallish meals. I have eaten 1 thing a day a few times though.

3) I've broken my left femur during a skiing accident about 5-6yrs ago, and during the healing process, my knee was basically screwing up... it slightly dislocates once in a while... but not enough to where I have to put it back into place... but it can be pretty painful and hard to move aruond on... the Doctors can't do anything about it. It's gotten to the point where I almost couldn't walk...

4) I have a bad lower back muscle.. and it has never "fully healed" (pulled the muscle like 7yrs ago by moving a wrong way...).. it hurts ALOT to walk for more than about 7mins... and I've tried everything I could to avoid the pain... but I can't.

I'm actually a pretty energetic person and fast despite my weight.. I guess you could say it's because of all the yrs I've been carrying my weight around on my legs.. so my leg muscles are pretty strong. Well... that basically sums it up for now.. unless I can remember something later on... So.. basically.. I just wanna know any good, non-painful ways to be able to lose weight and keep it off... I can't walk very long without pain.. so that's basically not an option until I can lose some weight.. when I was about 30lbs lighter I could walk just fine without hardly any back pain.. but not anymore... I can't do pushups (not enough arm-strength yet).. and doing crunches or sit-ups pulls on my bad back muscle and it hurts... and I am really really desperate to lose the weight... I'm sick of living unhealthy and being unhealthy... and I just wanna make myself happy...

So please... give me some tips or advice or anything I could use that would help... I've been thinking about maybe taking some weight-loss pills to help... but I wouldn't know what ones actually work/help and are good ect... can't trust them really.. but if they really do help.. tell me what ones are good.. herbal or not...

Thanks with whatever you throw at me.. if you can.


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Personal Trainer
3/9/2004 11:57:09 AM
Dear Guest,

Let me back track here. You need to ask your dad for some help here. Sit him down and tell him how you are feeling. Tell him what you want to do and tell him what you expect him to do. It sounds like you're having a hard time helping yourself, so you need some social support. Obviously you can't rely on other people for something YOU want to do so if he isn't much help you need to take action.

You said that you can't afford any exercise equipment. At walmart you can buy an inexpensive bike for $79.56. Sure its not the best bike, you need to be active. It will do the trick. If it still costs too much ask for it for your birthday and christmas and just say "can I have it early and that’s all I want."

Now I would like you to do these things:

1. Go to a physio, get a brace for your knee.
2. Start by walking slowly around outside (YOU HAVE TO STAY ACTIVE). Don't hurt yourself, but you MUST do it.
3. Write a grocery list for your dad, if cost is an issue go through your cupboards and don't buy the brand name.
4. eat 6 times per day, but SMALL meals that contain high protein and high fibre.
5. Drink 8-10 8oz. Glasses of water per day.
6. You need to keep yourself motivated and not fall back into the trap of "its easier to just sit here, feel bad for me"

I really do feel bad for you, but you have to take some responsibility for yourself and your own health. You're 18 years old, and you will soon be on your own. You will or are at a crucial point in your life where what you do now will effect your career, friends, and self. I'm glad you have decided to talk, but now its time to help yourself.


3/9/2004 11:35:05 AM
The thing is.. I'm not able to get any exercise equipment.. that's how stubborn my dad is.. he doesn't care about my health.. if he did, I would be my normal weight more and likely.. or close to it.. which I ain't sure what I would be anyways.. maybe around 120? I am big-boned as well... but he doesn't care enough about me to get me a whole lot of healthy things... The only really healthy foods around here are a few Nutri-Grain bars, and 2 2lb bags of frozen strawberries.. which he just got for me yesterday...

I try to eat as healthy as I can... I try to eat the best possible foods I can around here... and eat minimal amounts so I can hopefully not gain anymore weight.. and I also try to move around as much as I can...

I was also considering doing liposuction just to get some fat off of me so I could move around more... but I don't really wanna go into any sort of surgery... breaking my leg was bad enough...

I just don't really know what all I can do...

Would drinking more water than the 8 recommended glasses help? Since I do try and eat as little and has healthy as I can without harming myself nutrionally.. I do take some vitamin/mineral pills just to help in that area..... and I do try to move around as much as I can without pain... so maybe just drinking a bit more water would help? Don't know.. I'm not the expert there...

Well.. that's all for now...


Personal Trainer
3/9/2004 7:09:12 AM
Dear Guest,

I'm sorry to hear that you have it so rough. It is really to bad that it has come to this situation where you are pretty hurt and have a hard time exercising.

From the sounds of it, you are willing to pay for supplements. However, I don't recommend that. The first thing you should do is buy an exercise bike for at home. You also need to figure out what your barriers to your success is. You need to figure out a way to keep up a daily exercise regeme and find out what will internally motivate you. Keeping up with an exercise routine is difficult for the first 6 months (50% of people who try quit). After that you can't live without it.

Obviously you need to educate yourself as to how to eat properly for the options that you have. Try to write down a list of things that are your weakness and when you feel like you want that food fill yourself up with fibre, water, fruit, veges and protein. Nutrition is about 70% of what you are trying to achieve here. You need to start concentrating on that. Try filling out a self contract found at :

I hope this will be a starting point for you.

All the best,


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