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Hiya! I've been working out for the last six months or so. The first three months, I was up every day at 5:30 and at the gym for 6 so I could enjoy the day with tons of energy and a feel-good mentality. The last three months I've been slipping terribly. I choose to hit the snooze button in stead of enjoying the morning at the gym, and then I drag myself there after work, only to rush through a half-hearted workout, thinking mostly of what I'll make for dinner and how much I need to do before bed.
What I'm looking to find is an email accountability partner. I thought it would be neat to really push each other and have that person who we have to be honest with about what we've done, or not done for the day. If I've binged on nachos and cheese instead of eating a proper dinner, I'll tell you! And I'd expect you to do the same!

I'm 25 year old female, age and gender doesn't matter.

Please email me if you are interested
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