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Hey, I'm looking to lose a tiny bit of ab fat and I think I'll be ready for a 6 pack. I'm looking to lose about 1/4 fat on my upper ab region and about 1 inch on the lower ab. I need some help with my sides too, maybe 1 inch or so. So I'm pretty healthy already I'm wondering what I need to do to lose that little extra bit of flab around my abs.Thanks for the help.


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Personal Trainer
7/29/2006 11:09:40 AM
Hi there,

Please note that you cannot spot reduce, you need to combine exercise and nutrition to get rid of body fat.

Please look at our weight loss guide and try out a circuit program from our program section. Also, try eating from this grocery list:

Tips to know:

1. Have 6-7 meals per day
2. Have small meals with protein, good fats, fruits, vegetables and fibre at every meal.
3. Eat high GI carbohydrates ONLY after a workout.
4. Spend 40 minutes every Sunday preparing and planning meals for the week. It will REALLY help with spending and your stomach.
5. Make / Buy protein bars and greens plus.
6. Some supplements to note are: Creatine, Iso-Whey, Greens Plus, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Multi-Vitamin, green tea and coffee.
7. Stay hydrated with water all day long. It helps carry body fat out of your body.

Keep up your active lifestyle and try making a few small nutritional changes and you'll lose that fat in no time.

Try to make yourself a self-contract ( and make sure you keep track of your progress in a workout log (

Good luck training my friend,


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