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Hello. I bought the ABTRONIC a while ago and it never came (guy who shipped said he never got the payment) so I bought another one called ABENERGIZER. I hear it's suppose it work better. I'm 15 years old, 175 pounds, 5'11". I do lots of weight training, (Not Cardio Trainings though..). My body's OK, except the midsection, which I'm trying get toned abs and/or lose weight. My body's oddly shaped; only my abdominals are soft, obese, and has a huge layer of fat. My thigh used to be like that also, but with Eazye's advise and lots of lower body training, I have hard toned (oddly rectangular shaped) thighs.

Today, I bought the AB ENERGIZER (on Ebay) and I've been reading reviews about it and junk. One article said,

"What the Ab Energizer will do is strengthen and firm your abdominal muscles (or any muscle group you apply it to). But if your abs happen to be hidden beneath a layer of fat, neither the ab Energizer or any ab machine on the market will you give you a flat stomach or six pack… if they are used alone." and then at the last part it says "They will help you to achieve a flat stomach if combined with a proper diet and exercise program."

So my question is, "What kind of exercise should I do to lose my heavy layer of fat?" And they say someting about diet too, but I don't really watch what I eat, though I try not to eat a lot of fatty foods.

I was thinking of getting a liposuction, but my mother wouldn't let me. Actually, she didn't want me to buy AB ENERGIZER also, but they pomised me "Lose Weight and Get RockHard Abs Without A Sweat" so I guess it's easier than doing situps or crunches.


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Personal Trainer
6/28/2003 6:29:05 PM
There are many exercises to do to reach that flat stomach
but what you should plan on doing is combining resistance training with aerobic fitness.
If you really want to burn the most fat as possible try circuit training.

if you want a specific program to try... try this one:

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6/27/2003 7:17:06 PM
Yes, I understand that you have to burn off the fat in the abdominals but What kind of exercise should I do to lose my heavy layer of fat?

Personal Trainer
6/25/2003 1:07:08 PM
Please read this article:

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