Weight & Fat Loss | 22 years old, need help with body fat...

Hi I'm 22 years old and I exercise regularly however I only do exercises such as cardio (i play soccer just about every other day and i do a couple ab exercises throughout the week, i think its the 8minute ab workout on youtube to be exact, i do that 1-2 times a week) .. should i be weight training more to burn more fat? i play for about 2hours when i play soccer, i take rests in that 2hour period obviously but i tend to work myself pretty hard... i eat sort of healthy, during the week i tend to have a slimfast shake in the morning , banana in between breakfast and lunch, salad at lunch, and a snack in between lunch and dinner and then dinner, which consists usually of something with complex carbs... my body fat content is high when i pinch my skin theres alot of fat , everywhere except my legs.. i just want to reduce body fat % and tone up my muscles , my leg muscles are toned, my mid/upper body isnt though, i need a good workout regime/ nutrition regime , please!!


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7/6/2010 9:14:18 PM
here's an idea. since you play soccer and
you love it so much then why don't you
turn yourself into david beckham or
something. athletes take a great deal on
their nutrition and fitness. since you're
so passionate about it might as well try
and make money out of it. i'm sure your
body fat percentage will be lower if you
try a different workout.

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4/29/2010 12:33:03 AM
Exercise is the easy way to lose weight. If you are not able to make this decision, then you are going to find yourself constantly feeling weighed down by your weight loss diet plan, and this can be very discouraging for anyone of any age. Weight loss goals should not just be to lose weight.

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4/7/2010 7:49:23 PM
yea agreed! interval training is the way
to go, but you gotta make sure to keep
the diet in check, eating clean, fresh
fruits, veggies, lean meats, nuts, etc.
and staying away from processed foods.

You can follow my week 1 routine (video
included) to give you an idea. it looks
easy, but it's intense!! drenched in

Train With Me FOR FREE!

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4/7/2010 1:31:49 PM
It sounds like you're not eating enough. Yes that's
right, you need to eat more to burn fat! You need
more protein - eggs, beans, grains (quinoa, bulgur,
etc). Eating often is good, but you need for with
more nutrients.

Also, yes do more resistance training. This will
boost your metabolism and keep you burning fat.

Try my workout, you don't even need a gym!

Also, you don't need a gym or equipment.

Here's an acronym to help you remember a circuit:

Some Lucky People Deserve Brock and Marta

(I'm Brock, my fiance is Marta).
The first letter of each word stands for an exercise:

Move (skip, run on the spot, etc.)

Do each exercise for 1 minute then move right to
the next one. If you can get through the circuit 3
times I guarantee you'll be sweating!

I hope this helps!

Brock Picken

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4/6/2010 5:19:51 PM
I am/was in the same situation as you - i would recommend incorporating a resistance training routine, high intensity interval training and keep your diet in check. I'm actually doing a 16 week program now to tone up...i'm only on week 10 but many are following along my weekly workout routines right now. (you can check my week 9 progress pictures if you want)

But it's defintely a combination of three things together that will help you tone up for sure!


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3/10/2010 8:05:24 PM
I was also having such problem. I was not
able to get
bigger muscles
. But after words a
changed my diet and now all is fine

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1/11/2010 4:53:46 PM
You cannot target fat loss to a specific area of your
body. When you lose FAT it comes from all over
your body. You have no control over that.
You can however target tone muscle. To get a
toned muscles you will need to lose the fat that is
covering your muscles, and the best way to lose fat
is a combination of changing your eating habits, so
your body stores less fat, and doing anaerobic
exercises to burn your existing fat.
Anaerobic exercises are those that make your
muscles grow bigger and firm. Easiest way, lifting
weights, doing sit-ups, and any other exercise that
leaves your muscles aching after a short routine.
Then watch your daily calorie intake and make sure
the calories you are taking in come from nutritional
foods. Try to concentrate on colorful vegetables,
fruits and white meats and less on saturated fat,
bad carbs. Also cut out soda completely from your
diet, even diet sodas. Drink water and lots of it.

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12/22/2009 11:27:43 PM
You need Fibre.

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11/29/2009 10:37:24 AM
Like all have said - the cardio is really going to help you stay in shape. But you need to watch what you eat as well as add some weight training to give your body an overall strength. As with eating, focusing on one medium of exercise only helps certain parts of your body - and your body becomes used to it. To really become fit, you need to shock your body into doing things it isn't use to. Not be over-exerting yourself, but doing exercises which you aren't used to.

I hope that helps - best of luck to you,


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11/18/2009 8:01:43 PM
First of all if you want to have scrawny look you are on the right track. But if you are looking for a trim and sleek physique, i can help you. Try comination training. Use weights and multiple muscle groups like deadlift high pull and squat press. These will focus on balance muscle development as well as core muscle development. Not to mention it will allow you to produce more HGH and Testosterone levels. Also change your workout around every 3-5 weeks.

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10/22/2009 9:59:02 AM
A lot of people have a problem losing weight because apparently we are only focusing options that can make us lose wieght easily. Well apparently most of us are overweight because of Candida Albicans growth in our body. My friend Christopher Guerriero once told me that if I can lose Candida Albicans in my body then I'll be able to achieve my ideal weight.

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9/26/2009 8:50:29 AM
Hi, I just want to advice you that since you want to gain weight, please do not quit your cardios. Either losing weight or gaining weight, it needs some hard work and patience. Please be patient.

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8/4/2009 1:41:34 PM
irishabs, thank you for the wonderful response - its been a while since ive been on and just came back to see that i got a response to the last message i posted on the forums. that's excellent ive been doing 3/4 routines weekly (4th one usually including yoga type stretching/strengthening exercises) and im still staying consistent with my cardio workouts and even do swimming/tennis in my offtime. my nutrition regimen does contain alot more proteins including eggs, fish, chicken & nuts. i appreciate your response and the help. Thanks!


Myfit Moderator
Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
5/19/2008 1:17:43 PM
Well first off I would add a little more protien into your routine.

Also what i would do is that of weight lifting three times a week. Just light weights to tone up your body. Assuming that you are not tryin to bulk up too much because of soccer.

Another thing that you may want to try doin is that of some sprints around the soccer field every other night.

You seem like you are doin a good amount to stay in shape but if you try adding a little more to your routine, and having a meal plan that is sensible. Like eating anough calories to make sure your replacing enough to make sure that your body doesn't go into starvation mode.

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