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Greetings everyone!

I am looking for a possible link to a video (perhaps on YouTube?) that demonstrates the fantastic abdominal exercise, which I arbitrarily decided to call, "'Moving Isometric Sit-Up' with a Partner Moving You", per its description below.:

Your partner is moving (rolling) you, by grasping onto your feet, in the direction of "north and south" (as opposed to rolling you sideways or "east and west") with the given constraint that your elbows remain in contact with your knees the whole time. This assures that your abdominal muscles maintain a relatively static position.

To elaborate more on what I mean in the above:

One person, which I will refer to as "the first person", lies on the floor. This individual will be the one performing this abdominal exercise. With his fingers interlaced behind his head, the first person bends his knees, thus, bringing his feet in the air. He touches his elbows to his knees and continues to keep them in contact together throughout the range of this exercise. The second person grabs the first person's feet or ankles and, in one movement, has the intention of pulling the first person's feet in a combination of the two following trajectories.:

1. Having the intention of taking the feet downward toward the floor, while at the same time ...
2. Having the intention of pulling the feet outward as if wanting to extend (unbend) the leg.

While the second person simultaneously has the two above intentions, since the first person insists upon maintaining contact between his elbows and knees, thus, the first person will, subsequently, as a result, roll along the floor so that he is beginning to roll upward away from the floor, starting with his head beginning to leave the floor, followed by his back, which will also ultimately come away from the floor. The first person's pelvis will still continue to remain on the floor. This is the first half of the exercise (the concentric phase). Then, the second person who is still holding the first person's feet or ankles, will gradually lower the first person back to the floor to the original starting position (the eccentric phase).

I have attempted to do key word searches on certain words, as well as various combinations, on Google and YouTube, such as:

"isometric sit up", "isometric sit up with partner", "moving isometric sit up", etc.

However, I don't find anything relevant to what I have attempted to describe above.

Therefore, does someone already know of a publication of where this exercise is more formally documented, as opposed to what I have articulated above? Even better, does someone know of the existence of a video demonstrating this on YouTube or perhaps somewhere else?

Thank you very much.

The best to all,


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4/16/2012 8:57:34 AM
Dear PT,

Thank you for your reply. It was many years ago that I had the pleasure of experiencing this awesome abdominal exercise and found that it was extremely difficult (a good thing).

It was many years ago that a friend and I were together reading an article about this marvelous exercise in some health publication that I can't recall. Within the article, I believe this abdominal exercise was referred to as an "isometric sit up", but I may be mistaken.

After my friend and I read together a description similar to what I penned earlier, which appeared in the health publication, we were able to assist one another in being able to do it by portraying the roles of first and second person and vice versa. This was a fantastic conditioning exercise!

Since that time, apparently, I have never been able to adequately describe this exercise to another person. Any other person who I have asked to assist me with this, apparently, doesn't hold my ankles or feet appropriately, nor do they seem to be able to move me in the correct trajectory. Thus, whenever I ask someone else to assist me doing this exercise, it is never successful. This is not surprising since I remember when my friend and I read the original description for this exercise many years ago, the article stated words to the effect of how you may find this frustrating to convey to other people, and may even result in the two of you becoming angry with one another. :-)

If anyone has further information regarding this phenomenal abdominal exercise, I hope that they can post it here.

Thank you very much for any help.

The best to all,

Personal Trainer
4/13/2012 10:16:35 AM

Interesting question. I have not seen this exercise anywhere. This seems like an awkward looking exercise regardless.

I'll keep my eye out and post to here if I find it!


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