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Hi everyone, I have been really obsessed with my weight problem. I am a 33 year old female and have gained 90lbs which makes the count to 210. I recently took out some of my summer clothes and they don’t fit me anymore!!! This is a real tragedy for me. How can I not wear the ones I adore...moreover the new look is getting me mad (with the comments from my friends). I know quite a few ways to start losing weight…….but I don’t really feel that, with so many people failing using these methods that I will make it through. Does anyone know a proven way to reduce the weight?

Please help me…..this is killing me!!!


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6/21/2008 5:49:59 PM
Lifting heavy won't cause you to "bulk". It is far, far more effective to lift at your maximum than to waste 2 hours in a gym doing a routine with piddly weight that will leave you feeling frustrated with never seeing any results.

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5/20/2008 12:55:20 PM
Ya there is alot of methods that are out there but just about 98% of those methods do not work the way that they claim. Anything that has to do with a "DIET" is completely wrong.

To start off you have to get a meal plan that is made to your body so that you are not cutting back too far and that you are cutting back emough. The reason is because if you are starving yourself than you will lose alot of muscle instead of the body fat.

Next thing that you should be doing is that of a light weight routine three days a week. The more muscle that you have the faster your metabolism will be. If you are not looking for bulk at all then you should just stick low weight, high rep routines.

Last of all you would want to be getting in atleast 5 days a week of cardio. Starting out with atleast 30 minutes a day.

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