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  High blood pressure can cause major heart problems and is extremely important to focus on a diet similiar to the dash diet.

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Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

Lower Blood Pressure Foods - Almonds _ Good fats

If you are really looking to lower your blood pressure level, you must change you food habits. DASH is one of the best diet plans that you can adopt to lower your blood pressure. It suggests taking food which is low in saturated and total fat, and cholesterol. You can take food items with low salt, low fat, low cholesterol, and high volume of vitamins, magnesium and potassium. It is recommended to take home cooked food instead of packed food. Raisins, seeds, figs, nuts, apricot, tomatoes, potatoes, dried fruits and bananas are rich in potassium, so it is good for people having high blood pressure. Broccoli, spinach, grain, oysters, wheat and beans are also fine because these food items have high volume of magnesium content.

Below mentioned food items are very good for lowering blood pressure level:

  • Fruits:  Bananas and red grapes are very good for lowering BP because these fruits have high volume of glucose for energy. These fruits are also rich in potassium which is capable to act against the fat coating inside the vascular wall. Banana is a rich source of potassium which can react with sodium to regulate the glutinous flow of blood by diluting.
  • Fish: Fish is another good choice for high blood pressure patients. It can help you to lower high BP. Do not take fish fried with oil. It is recommended to take fish simply boiled with water. Fresh fish is good enough than preserved ones. Salmon is very best for people with high BP. It is rich in Omega-3 acid which can help in then normal functioning for heart.
  • Celery: It is considered as the best food for health and strength. This contains unique oil which can control blood pressure by helping the muscles to promote a smooth flow of blood in the arteries. It is purely natural and do not make any side effects.
  • Spinach: This green leafy vegetable has high fiber and magnesium content which helps to reduce cholesterol from the blood stream. The presence of magnesium helps to build good physique and lower BP.
  • Sweet Potatoes: It has high potassium content which is capable to act against the fat coating inside the vascular wall of the arteries to regulate the BP level naturally.

Salt Effects

Salt can have a direct effect on blood pressure. If you ingest a high volume of salt than the recommended volume, it will surely increase the blood pressure level and may sometimes lead to serious cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, stroke or kidney disease.
According to Food Standards Agency, the recommended amount of salt intake per day is a maximum of 6 gram per day. Most people are not aware of that amount. A major portion of salt we ingest daily is from the readymade food that we buy (ie. Canned foods). Processed food items such as pizzas, sauces and readymade meals contain a good volume of salt. Eating less salt can help you to maintain a good health by lowering blood pressure levels and decreasing the risk of complicated cardiovascular diseases.
It is recommended to take home cooked foods, fruits and fresh meat because most of the processed food items that we buy are rich source of salt. Make sure that you avoid condiments, ham, pickles, salsa, cheese, cold cuts, bacon, olives, broths, and all canned and processed food items from your daily food menu.

Meal Plan

If you are looking to lower your blood pressure level, it is better to take food items which are low in saturated fats, low in cholesterol and low in total fat. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and low fat dairy products to your daily diet. Always maintain your body weight; this can help you to control the blood pressure level. Take foods which are low in calories and do regular exercise to maintain a healthy body weight. If you reduce the amount of sodium in your daily diet, you can keep your blood pressure down. You can reduce the sodium intake by avoiding the processed and pre-packed foods items with high volume of sodium.

Most of the experts suggest following DASH, Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, diet plan to lower blood pressure level. This diet plan recommends an eating plan which contains more fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products.

Getting educated is the first step in preventing complications with regards to high blood pressure and heart disease. Get your healthcare career started with a degree from Sacred Heart University online and start changing the lives of yourself and others.

Other Nutrient Rich Foods

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