MyFit Created Workouts and Routines


Finding a quality workout routine can be difficult.
We make it easy by browsing our workout list below to find the one that you need. If you are looking for a bigger list you can find one here.
We have put together a list of the top submitted workout routines and schedules on our website. Please look below to find the best ones. These routines are used for a wide variety of purposes/goals. We have broken them down by type, level and the number of days per week you should workout. Within each workout plan you will be able to print a six week workout log to keep track of your schedule and make the most of your effort.

Routines List

Purpose Type Level
Muscle Mass Hypertrophy Advanced
Advanced Fat Loss Weight Training Routine Muscular Definition Advanced
Post-Season Hockey Program Sport Specific Advanced
Pre-Season Soccer (Football) Program Sport Specific Advanced
Arm (Biceps Brachii, Triceps, Forearms) Building Hypertrophy Advanced
Wedding Weight Loss | Wedding Muscular Definition Advanced
Plyometric Exercising Plyometrics Advanced
Hip Flexors Muscle Specific Advanced
Shoulders | Deltoids Muscle Specific Advanced
At Home Training | Home Muscular Definition Advanced
Gluteus Maximus / Butt Muscle Specific Advanced
Bruce Lee Workout Muscular Definition Advanced
Brad Pitt Workout Muscular Definition Advanced
Herschel Walker | Football Sport Specific Advanced
Hiking | Trail Hiker Sport Specific Advanced
Huge Back Muscle Specific Advanced
Big Arms Muscle Specific Advanced
Best Bicep Muscle Specific Advanced
Arnold Schwarzenegger Bicep Hypertrophy Advanced
Mark Wahlberg Hypertrophy Advanced
Core Strength Muscle Specific Advanced
Beginner Strength Training Program Muscular Definition Beginner
Beginner Freeweight Program Muscular Definition Beginner
Chest Muscle Specific Beginner
Back, Rhomboids, Latissimus Dorsi Muscle Specific Beginner
Inner Thigh Muscle Specific Beginner
Lower Back | Erector Spinae Muscle Specific Beginner
Biceps Brachii | Brachialis Muscle Specific Beginner
Full Body Workout Muscular Definition Beginner
Back Muscle Specific Beginner
30 Minute Muscular Definition Beginner
A circuit training program for muscular definition and fat burn. Muscular Definition Intermediate
Ab / Abdominal, Obliques and Hip Flexors Workout Muscular Definition Intermediate
Golf Workout / Exercise Program Sport Specific Intermediate
Dumbbells / Freeweight Strength Intermediate
Obliques Muscle Specific Intermediate
Calf / Gastrocnemius Muscle Specific Intermediate
Rotator Cuff Muscle Specific Intermediate
Anterior Deltoid | Front Shoulder Muscle Specific Intermediate
Hamstring | Biceps Femoris Muscle Specific Intermediate
Serratus Anterior Muscle Specific Intermediate
Ryan Reynolds Muscular Definition Intermediate
HIIT Muscular Definition Intermediate
Firefighting Fitness Muscular Definition Intermediate
Building Back Muscles Strength Intermediate
Britney Spears Muscular Definition Intermediate

These fitness programs have been approved by Myfit because they are of the highest quality.