Wrestling Workout

Author Johnny FraserFitness Level IntermediateType Muscular Definition
Days in Plan 7 Days Rest Between Sets:
1:00-1:30 minutes
Duration60 Min per session
Take a 30s -1 Min Break After Each Set. Try Doing These Sets Or Exercise Program with a friend.

A planned nutritional meal plan is one of the most important aspects of any body composition change. Please see the nutrition section to learn about protein, carbohydrates and fats. The bottom line is to make sure to get 6 small meals during the day all having protein, veggies and fruit. Carbohydrates and protein during and after a workout for muscle recovery. This is needed for increasing muscle mass which will help with your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

All routines benefit from changing the sets, weight and reps week to week. This will help prevent a plateau. An example is:

Week 1: 6-8 reps 4 sets- Muscle Mass
Week 2: 12-15 reps 3-4 sets - Definition
Week 3: 1-3 reps 5 sets - Power
Week 4: 8-10 reps
Day 1 - Biceps
Chin-Ups Exercise Picture 1. Chin-Ups
Sets: 3Reps: 5
Notes:No Jumping And Go All The Way Up. Sence there is only 5 in a set.
Cable Curls Exercise Picture 2. Cable Curls
Sets: 3Reps: 30
Notes:Regular Curls
Concentration Curls Exercise Picture 3. Concentration Curls
Sets: 3Reps: 15
Notes:Sit Down, Spread your legs. Rest The back of your arm on your thigh And Just do regular Curls.
Hammer Curls Exercise Picture 4. Hammer Curls
Sets: 3Reps: 10
Notes:Make a hammer Fist. Let the weights rest on your legs. bring them up to your chest.
Day 1 - Chest
Bench Press Exercise Picture 1. Bench Press
Sets: 3Reps: 10
Notes:Regular Bench Press.
Push Ups Between Benches (Push Up) Exercise Picture 2. Push Ups Between Benches (Push Up)
Sets: 2Reps: 10
Notes:Finish Up With Regular Push Ups. Challenge youself for the last 5. ( Clapping, Flying, 1Hand Pushups)
Push Up Exercise Picture 3. Push Up
Sets: 3Reps: 10
Notes:Push Ups. Can Finish On your Knees But least do 5 Regular Push Ups before doing the knees
Incline Flyes Exercise Picture 4. Incline Flyes
Sets: 2Reps: 20
Notes:Lay on your bench. Let the weights almost hit the floor and pull them back straight up right above your chest. Right then your hands should be poniting towards the sealing
Close Grip Bench Press Exercise Picture 5. Close Grip Bench Press
Sets: 2Reps: 10
Notes:Same As The regular bench press just you keep your hands close together.
Day 2 - Abdominals
Crunches Exercise Picture 1. Crunches
Sets: 3Reps: 20
Notes:Regular Situps
Jack Knives Exercise Picture 2. Jack Knives
Sets: 4Reps: 10
Notes:Keep Balanced on your but. Stick your legs without hitting the ground. Same as your upper body. Bring your legs far as you can at this time you swing your arms around your knees
Twisting Crunches Exercise Picture 3. Twisting Crunches
Sets: 3Reps: 15
Notes:Same as regular sit ups but you keep your hands behind your head twisting everytime you move up
V-Up Exercise Picture 4. V-Up
Sets: 3Reps: 10
Notes:Lay down flat. Bring your legs up and at the same time you reach up and touch your toes.
Day 2 - Cardio
Biking or Cycling Exercise Picture 1. Biking or Cycling
Duration: 120 Min Intensity: 60%
Notes:Go Biking For the Day.
Running or Jogging Exercise Picture 2. Running or Jogging
Duration: 10 Min Intensity: 60%
Notes:Go for a light Jog
Sprinting Exercise Picture 3. Sprinting
Duration: 5 Min Intensity: 50%
Notes:Just do 3-4 Sprints To get your heart beating before you start.
Day 3 - Calf
Standing Calf Raises Exercise Picture 1. Standing Calf Raises
Sets: 5Reps: 25
Notes:Clearly Calf Raises.
Step Ups Exercise Picture 2. Step Ups
Sets: 3Reps: 14
Notes:Step Ups. Just use stairs. Do this as fast as you can.
Day 3 - Legs
Standing Calf Raises Exercise Picture 1. Standing Calf Raises
Sets: 5Reps: 25
Notes:Clearly Calf Raises.
Front Squats Exercise Picture 2. Front Squats
Sets: 3Reps: 10
Step Ups Exercise Picture 3. Step Ups
Sets: 3Reps: 14
Notes:Step Ups. Just use stairs. Do this as fast as you can.
Jump Squat Exercise Picture 4. Jump Squat
Sets: 3Reps: 5
Day 4 - Back
Bent-over Barbell Rows Exercise Picture 1. Bent-over Barbell Rows
Sets: 3Reps: 20
Notes:Bend Over and Use regular dumbbells pull them back to hit your but
Good Mornings Exercise Picture 2. Good Mornings
Sets: 3Reps: 15
Back Extensions Exercise Picture 3. Back Extensions
Sets: 3Reps: 10
Notes:Lay on your bench. Get someone to sit on your feet and hang over the edge of the bench. Put your hands across your chest. Pull yourself up without using you hards.
Chin-Ups Exercise Picture 4. Chin-Ups
Sets: 3Reps: 7
Day 4 - Shoulders
Arnold Press Exercise Picture 1. Arnold Press
Sets: 3Reps: 15
Notes:Lift Dumbbell Over your head While Sitting down
Upright Row Exercise Picture 2. Upright Row
Sets: 3Reps: 10
Notes:Grab Dumbbells. This is pretty much a pullup But opposite grip. So your fists should be pointing out and your wrists should be hitting your chest.
Side Raises Exercise Picture 3. Side Raises
Sets: 3Reps: 10
Notes:Stand Straight Lift Both Arms To Make Your Arms In a 180 Degree Angle
Rear Raises (On the Ball) Exercise Picture 4. Rear Raises (On the Ball)
Sets: 3Reps: 15
Notes:Sit down on your bench Bend Over. Grab the weights. Do the same thing as you would do for Side Raises
Day 5 - Abdominals
Crunches Exercise Picture 1. Crunches
Sets: 3Reps: 25
V-Up Exercise Picture 2. V-Up
Sets: 3Reps: 10
Twisting Crunches Exercise Picture 3. Twisting Crunches
Sets: 3Reps: 20
Jack Knives Exercise Picture 4. Jack Knives
Sets: 3Reps: 15
Day 5 - Cardio
Running or Jogging Exercise Picture 1. Running or Jogging
Duration: 20 Min Intensity: 50%
Notes:15-20 Min Jog.
Sprinting Exercise Picture 2. Sprinting
Duration: 5 Min Intensity: 50%
Notes:2-3 Sprints to get your heart beating

With this log you will be able to print off as many sheets as required to track this workout.

Wrestling Basics

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