Mark Wahlberg Workout

Author Rod Ferris CPT(YMCA, ACE), CPAFLAFitness Level AdvancedType Hypertrophy
Days in Plan 7 Days Rest Between Sets:
1:30-2:00 minutes
Duration95 Min per session
Mark Wahlberg is a tough guy and celebrity icon. He got that way as a singer with ripped abs and great biceps. It takes genetics and a lot of hard work to look like him. We have a plan to replicate his look, but first you need to realize that if you want to look like Mark you also need to eat like him.

Marks Workout Routine

This seven day (yes, 7!) workout routine is not for everyone, but with enough periodization, tracking (in a workout log), using advanced weight training principles, and applying HIIT you can make your genetics proud (and your wife/gf).

A planned nutritional meal plan is one of the most important aspects of any body composition change. Please see the nutrition section to learn about protein, carbohydrates and fats. The bottom line is to make sure to get 6 small meals during the day all having protein, veggies and fruit. Carbohydrates and protein during and after a workout for muscle recovery. This is needed for increasing muscle mass which will help with your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

All routines benefit from changing the sets, weight and reps week to week. This will help prevent a plateau. An example is:

Week 1: 6-8 reps 4 sets- Muscle Mass
Week 2: 12-15 reps 3-4 sets - Definition
Week 3: 1-3 reps 5 sets - Power
Week 4: 8-10 reps
Day 1 - Abdominals
Abdominal Dragon Flags Exercise Picture 1. Abdominal Dragon Flags
Sets: 3Reps: 15
Notes:Abdominals should be done after your chest and bicep workout
Ball Knee Crunches Exercise Picture 2. Ball Knee Crunches
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Ball Rollout Exercise Picture 3. Ball Rollout
Sets: 3Reps: 15
Ball Side Crunches or Bends Exercise Picture 4. Ball Side Crunches or Bends
Sets: 3Reps: 15
Day 1 - Biceps
Barbell Curls Exercise Picture 1. Barbell Curls
Sets: 4Reps: 8
Notes:Biceps should be done after your chest workout.
Preacher Curls Exercise Picture 2. Preacher Curls
Sets: 3Reps: 6
Concentration Curls Exercise Picture 3. Concentration Curls
Sets: 3Reps: 8
Notes:This is a great exercise to work on the 'peak' of your bicep. Make sure to twist your hand at the top of this motion.
Day 1 - Cardio
Elliptical or Cross Trainer Exercise Picture 1. Elliptical or Cross Trainer
Duration: 20 Min Intensity: 90%
Notes:This is HIIT training day. Get prepared and do 4-6 sets of 30 seconds hard and 90 seconds off. Work your way up to 6 sets. First time doing this start with 2-3 sets
Day 1 - Chest
Bench Press Exercise Picture 1. Bench Press
Sets: 5Reps: 8
Notes:Yes, a full 5 sets.
Decline Flyes Exercise Picture 2. Decline Flyes
Sets: 3Reps: 8
Notes:Decline flyes will take the stress off your triceps which were tired from the bench press exercise you just did.
Dips Exercise Picture 3. Dips
Sets: 3Reps: 6
Notes:Make sure to add weight.
Double Medicine Ball Pushups Exercise Picture 4. Double Medicine Ball Pushups
Sets: 3Reps: 15
Notes:Try using a ball and medicine ball to vary the angle on your pushups. Make these hard and go until failure.
Day 2 - Back
DeadLift Exercise Picture 1. DeadLift
Sets: 5Reps: 7
Notes:Again, a full 5 sets!
Close Grip Pulldowns Exercise Picture 2. Close Grip Pulldowns
Sets: 3Reps: 8
Chin-Ups Exercise Picture 3. Chin-Ups
Sets: 3Reps: 8
One Arm Row Exercise Picture 4. One Arm Row
Sets: 3Reps: 15
Notes:Try drop setting until you reach 15-20 reps in total. Ie. do 6 reps to failure and then drop the weight until you get 15-20 reps.
Day 2 - Cardio
Recumbent Bike Exercise Picture 1. Recumbent Bike
Duration: 40 Min Intensity: 65%
Notes:Do this at the end of your workout. If you want to look like Mark you need to train like him too. Get on the bike and turn up the tunes!
Day 2 - Plyometrics
Side Box Jumps Exercise Picture 1. Side Box Jumps
Sets: 3Reps: 10
Notes:Do this after your back weight workout.
Jump Rope Exercise Picture 2. Jump Rope
Sets: 3Reps: 50
Day 2 - Triceps
Tricep Pulldowns Exercise Picture 1. Tricep Pulldowns
Sets: 3Reps: 8
Notes:Do this after your back workout.
Overhead Tricep Extentions Exercise Picture 2. Overhead Tricep Extentions
Sets: 3Reps: 8
Tricep Kickbacks Exercise Picture 3. Tricep Kickbacks
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Want to get that horseshoe effect? This is the one. Make sure you fully extend and keep that elbow stationary.
Day 3 - Abdominals
Cable Crunches Exercise Picture 1. Cable Crunches
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Remember that abs are done at the 'end' of your workout. Adjust the weight until you go to failure.
Jack Knives Exercise Picture 2. Jack Knives
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Cable Side Bends Exercise Picture 3. Cable Side Bends
Sets: 3Reps: 12
V-Up Exercise Picture 4. V-Up
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:This can be done on the weight bench
Day 3 - Legs
Front Squats Exercise Picture 1. Front Squats
Sets: 4Reps: 8
Notes:You can either do front squats or with the bar resting on your trapezius, your call.
Step Ups Exercise Picture 2. Step Ups
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Add dumbbells and make this the 'finisher'
Leg Press Exercise Picture 3. Leg Press
Sets: 3Reps: 6
One Legged Smith Split Squat Exercise Picture 4. One Legged Smith Split Squat
Sets: 3Reps: 15
Seated Calf Raises Exercise Picture 5. Seated Calf Raises
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Standing Calf Raises Exercise Picture 6. Standing Calf Raises
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Day 4 - Cardio
Rowing Ergometer Exercise Picture 1. Rowing Ergometer
Duration: 30 Min Intensity: 70%
Notes:Lets get some of that lactic acid out and burn off some subcultaneous fat!
Day 4 - Shoulders
Push Press  Exercise Picture 1. Push Press
Sets: 4Reps: 8
Notes:A great compound exercise
Arnold Press Exercise Picture 2. Arnold Press
Sets: 3Reps: 6
Upright Row Exercise Picture 3. Upright Row
Sets: 3Reps: 8
Notes:Watch your form, you can mess up your shoulders if you perform this improperly.
Dumbbell Lateral Inline Shoulder Raise Exercise Picture 4. Dumbbell Lateral Inline Shoulder Raise
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Side Raises Exercise Picture 5. Side Raises
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Day 6 - Abdominals
Weighted Cable Ball Crunch Exercise Picture 1. Weighted Cable Ball Crunch
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Exercise Ball Abdominal Russian Twists Exercise Picture 2. Exercise Ball Abdominal Russian Twists
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Twisting Leg Raises Exercise Picture 3. Twisting Leg Raises
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Low to High Woodchoppers Exercise Picture 4. Low to High Woodchoppers
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Day 6 - Cardio
Hockey Exercise Picture 1. Hockey
Duration: 60 Min Intensity: 65%
Notes:Today is sports day, get outside and socialize.. myabe show off your new bod! :)
Day 6 - Plyometrics
Jump Rope Exercise Picture 1. Jump Rope
Sets: 3Reps: 50
Notes:3 sets of 50 reps... try to vary your stroke pace and type.
Stablizing on the ball Exercise Picture 2. Stablizing on the ball
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Burpee Exercise Picture 3. Burpee
Sets: 3Reps: 15
Day 7 - Cardio
Squash Exercise Picture 1. Squash
Duration: 90 Min Intensity: 65%
Notes:Guess what? Another sports day, do something you haven't done before. Challenge yourself.

With this log you will be able to print off as many sheets as required to track this workout.

Mark Wahlberg Basics

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