Kayaking Workout

Author Taylor RiouxFitness Level IntermediateType Endurance
Days in Plan 7 Days Rest Between Sets:
30 sec-1:00 minute
Duration40 Min per session
This workout routine is designed for intermediate or advanced kayakers. This seven day workout focuses on the most crucial muscles involved in the sport while improving your muscular endurance level. That means the exercises will be performed with lighter weights and higher repetitions. Be sure to keep a healthy diet and consume the right amount of your natural vitamins. I hope you enjoy the exercises and benefit from this program.

A planned nutritional meal plan is one of the most important aspects of any body composition change. Please see the nutrition section to learn about protein, carbohydrates and fats. The bottom line is to make sure to get 6 small meals during the day all having protein, veggies and fruit. Carbohydrates and protein during and after a workout for muscle recovery. This is needed for increasing muscle mass which will help with your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

All routines benefit from changing the sets, weight and reps week to week. This will help prevent a plateau. An example is:

Week 1: 6-8 reps 4 sets- Muscle Mass
Week 2: 12-15 reps 3-4 sets - Definition
Week 3: 1-3 reps 5 sets - Power
Week 4: 8-10 reps
Day 1 - Cardio
Rowing Ergometer Exercise Picture 1. Rowing Ergometer
Duration: 20 Min Intensity: 60%
Running or Jogging Exercise Picture 2. Running or Jogging
Duration: 20 Min Intensity: 75%
Day 2 - Upper Body
Hammer Curls Exercise Picture 1. Hammer Curls
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Remember, low weight and high reps, a kayakers upper body is very important .
Overhead Tricep Extentions Exercise Picture 2. Overhead Tricep Extentions
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Cable Curls Exercise Picture 3. Cable Curls
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Tricep Pulldowns Exercise Picture 4. Tricep Pulldowns
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Preacher Curls Exercise Picture 5. Preacher Curls
Sets: 2Reps: 6
Bench Press Exercise Picture 6. Bench Press
Sets: 2Reps: 6
Notes:Feel the burn, push hard until the end.
Day 3 - Back
Lat Pulldown Exercise Picture 1. Lat Pulldown
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Deadlift (Bent Leg) Exercise Picture 2. Deadlift (Bent Leg)
Sets: 3Reps: 8
Exercise Band Back Lat Pulldowns Exercise Picture 3. Exercise Band Back Lat Pulldowns
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:The back and the Latissimus dorsii especially are essential to any rower. They help the movement of your arms down and back and rotate the arms inward.
Chin-Ups Exercise Picture 4. Chin-Ups
Sets: 2Reps: 8
Ball Back Hyperextensions (Lower Back) Exercise Picture 5. Ball Back Hyperextensions (Lower Back)
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Day 5 - Abdominals
Cable Crunches Exercise Picture 1. Cable Crunches
Sets: 4Reps: 15
Exercise Ball Abdominal Leg Raises Exercise Picture 2. Exercise Ball Abdominal Leg Raises
Sets: 2Reps: 12
Notes:Try to keep your heels 2 inches off the ground during the exercise, do not let them rest on the ground during the set.
High to Low Woodchoppers Exercise Picture 3. High to Low Woodchoppers
Sets: 3Reps: 8
Low to High Woodchoppers Exercise Picture 4. Low to High Woodchoppers
Sets: 3Reps: 8
Day 5 - Oblique
Dumbbell Side Bends Exercise Picture 1. Dumbbell Side Bends
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Side Bridge Exercise Picture 2. Side Bridge
Sets: 2Reps: 1
Notes:Hold steady and tight for 2 minutes, then switch sides to maintain an even workout.
Day 6 - Shoulders
Arnold Press Exercise Picture 1. Arnold Press
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:It is important to have strong shoulders when kayaking to contribute to a powerful stroke.
Elastic Band Rear Raises Exercise Picture 2. Elastic Band Rear Raises
Sets: 3Reps: 8
Machine Military Press (Shoulder Press) Exercise Picture 3. Machine Military Press (Shoulder Press)
Sets: 3Reps: 8
Rotator Cuff (Elastic Band) Exercise Picture 4. Rotator Cuff (Elastic Band)
Sets: 2Reps: 8
Side Raises (Elastic Band) Exercise Picture 5. Side Raises (Elastic Band)
Sets: 2Reps: 8
Notes:These extensions will help build muscular endurance.
Machine Rear Deltoid Laterals Exercise Picture 6. Machine Rear Deltoid Laterals
Sets: 3Reps: 8
Day 7 - Cardio
Rowing Ergometer Exercise Picture 1. Rowing Ergometer
Duration: 40 Min Intensity: 75%
Notes:Today you will be taking your kayak to the water to perform 200 meter strides. Complete 5 of them at a 75% intensity level. Take a break if needed, don't overdue it.

With this log you will be able to print off as many sheets as required to track this workout.

Kayaking Basics

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