Herschel Walker | Football Workout

Author Rod Ferris B.A. CPT (YMCA, ACE), CPAFLA, CFCFitness Level AdvancedType Sport Specific
Days in Plan 6 Days Rest Between Sets:
N/A Sports Specific
Duration85 Min per session
Herschel Walker is a powerful running back that trained hard and played even harder. His powerful running style displayed some very powerful legs and upper body to shake off defenders. To workout like hershel walker you need to focus on building muscle mass and training for speed, agility and power. Many football exercises and football drills will be important for developing the right type of skills needed to become a professional NFL player.

In this program we will discuss an off-season muscle mass building program to prepare for the fall training camp.

Careful consideration should be thought out to your own running/style to focus on your positive attributes. Ie. If you are a juker, make sure you focus on agility drills and constantly test yourself once a week with a demanding pylon drill that emphasizes speed and agility. Ie. If you are a Full Back style of RB you need strictly power and speed so focus should on deadlifts, clean and jerk, bench press, squats, lunges and extremely powerful abdominal muscles for balance. Once you have established this move on to our version of the Herschel Walker workout program.

Note:Herschel Walker worked out constantly to keep is form, make sure you do the same. Also make sure you take a rest day once a week as well.


Do not attempt this program unless you've been cleared by a medical professional.

A planned nutritional meal plan is one of the most important aspects of any body composition change. Please see the nutrition section to learn about protein, carbohydrates and fats. The bottom line is to make sure to get 6 small meals during the day all having protein, veggies and fruit. Carbohydrates and protein during and after a workout for muscle recovery. This is needed for increasing muscle mass which will help with your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

All routines benefit from changing the sets, weight and reps week to week. This will help prevent a plateau. An example is:

Week 1: 6-8 reps 4 sets- Muscle Mass
Week 2: 12-15 reps 3-4 sets - Definition
Week 3: 1-3 reps 5 sets - Power
Week 4: 8-10 reps
Day 1 - Abdominals
Abdominal Dragon Flags Exercise Picture 1. Abdominal Dragon Flags
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Focus on form
Ball Knee Crunches Exercise Picture 2. Ball Knee Crunches
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Cable Crunches Exercise Picture 3. Cable Crunches
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Cable Side Bends Exercise Picture 4. Cable Side Bends
Sets: 3Reps: 12
High to Low Woodchoppers Exercise Picture 5. High to Low Woodchoppers
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Day 1 - Lower Body
Clean and Jerk Exercise Picture 1. Clean and Jerk
Sets: 5Reps: 5
Notes:Powerful Explosive movements only. Focus on form and make sure you properly warm-up.
Front Squats Exercise Picture 2. Front Squats
Sets: 4Reps: 6
Notes:This exercise will help you explode into your opponent when you reach that huge linebacker.
Jump Squat Exercise Picture 3. Jump Squat
Sets: 3Reps: 6
Notes:This exercise will help with quick bursts of speed off the line. Jump as high as you can.
One Legged Smith Split Squat Exercise Picture 4. One Legged Smith Split Squat
Sets: 3Reps: 8
Notes:Explode up and slow down. Work through fatigue but if you ever feel pain STOP.
Standing Calf Raises Exercise Picture 5. Standing Calf Raises
Sets: 5Reps: 8
Notes:This can be done seated or standing but focus hard on exploding upwards.
Two Foot Long Jump Exercise Picture 6. Two Foot Long Jump
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Record your length and try again the following week.
Day 1 - Plyometrics
Double Stair Jumps Exercise Picture 1. Double Stair Jumps
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Focus on quick feet.
Stablizing on the ball Exercise Picture 2. Stablizing on the ball
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:inbetween sets try balancing on a ball.
Jump Rope Exercise Picture 3. Jump Rope
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Quick feet again.
Day 2 - Biceps
Barbell Curls Exercise Picture 1. Barbell Curls
Sets: 4Reps: 8
Notes:Bicep training has no place in football since it's only there to look good. Focus on your bigger muscles and speed instead. It doesn't hurt to complete one or two exercises for them to maintain symmetry. Just don't get carried away.
Day 2 - Cardio
Shuttle Run Exercise Picture 1. Shuttle Run
Duration: 20 Min Intensity: 95%
Notes:3 shuttle runs with 3 minute breaks should be performed. With all your training focus on what a typical game situation would be like.
Squash Exercise Picture 2. Squash
Duration: 60 Min Intensity: 65%
Notes:Try a game of squash every two weeks. Great for agility, speed and concentration.
Day 2 - Chest
Bench Press Exercise Picture 1. Bench Press
Sets: 10Reps: 6
Notes:German volume training will help make the most out of your stale bench press routine.
Dumbbell Flys Exercise Picture 2. Dumbbell Flys
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Incline Dumbbell Press Exercise Picture 3. Incline Dumbbell Press
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:A powerful incline press will also help you with stiff-arms.
Medicine Ball Chest Pushups Exercise Picture 4. Medicine Ball Chest Pushups
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Develop your stabilizer muscles with a medicine ball chest exercise. Drop set with the ground.
Dumbbell Pullovers Exercise Picture 5. Dumbbell Pullovers
Sets: 4Reps: 9
Notes:This exercise has been rumored to expand your ribcage.
Day 3 - Abdominals
Exercise Ball Abdominal Russian Twists Exercise Picture 1. Exercise Ball Abdominal Russian Twists
Sets: 3Reps: 15
Notes:Try quick and in controlled movements.
High to Low Woodchoppers Exercise Picture 2. High to Low Woodchoppers
Sets: 3Reps: 8
Notes:Focus on isolating your abdominals
Weighted Cable Ball Crunch Exercise Picture 3. Weighted Cable Ball Crunch
Sets: 3Reps: 6
Notes:make sure your abdominals are fatigued at the end of this exercise.
Day 3 - Back
DeadLift Exercise Picture 1. DeadLift
Sets: 5Reps: 8
Notes:Focus on form and increasing your weight 5% a week.
Lat Pulldown Exercise Picture 2. Lat Pulldown
Sets: 4Reps: 6
Machine Back Extensions Exercise Picture 3. Machine Back Extensions
Sets: 3Reps: 7
Notes:A strong lower back is essential to maintain a strong core as a running back.
T-Bar Rows Exercise Picture 4. T-Bar Rows
Sets: 3Reps: 6
Notes:Focus on this exercise to develop a strong back from all angles.
Seated Row Exercise Picture 5. Seated Row
Sets: 4Reps: 10
Notes:Finish your back off with drop sets.
Day 3 - Plyometrics
Burpee Exercise Picture 1. Burpee
Sets: 3Reps: 10
Notes:Three sets of these will keep you on your toes.
Jump Rope Exercise Picture 2. Jump Rope
Sets: 3Reps: 60
Notes:Complete jump rope for 20 minutes switching feet constantly and trying new moves.
Side Box Jumps Exercise Picture 3. Side Box Jumps
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Picture juking an opponent while carrying the rock (actually hold a football for this drill). For a more difficult manouver get the ball thrown to you while jumping the bench.
Day 3 - Triceps
Dips Exercise Picture 1. Dips
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Triceps are somewhat functional in football but isolation exercises should be kept to a minimum while focus should be on agility and speed.
Tricep Pulldowns Exercise Picture 2. Tricep Pulldowns
Sets: 5Reps: 6
Notes:Try drop sets, super sets and other types of advanced training principles for your triceps.
Day 4 - Cardio
Swimming Exercise Picture 1. Swimming
Duration: 40 Min Intensity: 70%
Notes:Try increasing your laps each time you swim. Swimming will be a pleasure after a hard plyometrics day.
Day 4 - Neck
Cable Trapezius Upright Row Exercise Picture 1. Cable Trapezius Upright Row
Sets: 3Reps: 10
Shrugs Exercise Picture 2. Shrugs
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Can be done with a barbell.
Dumbbell Upright Trapezius Row Exercise Picture 3. Dumbbell Upright Trapezius Row
Sets: 3Reps: 6
Notes:Reach for a heavier weight each time.
Day 4 - Shoulders
Push Press  Exercise Picture 1. Push Press
Sets: 5Reps: 8
Notes:Powerful movements with an empasis on increasing weight gradually (progressive overload principle).
Machine Military or Shoulder Press Exercise Picture 2. Machine Military or Shoulder Press
Sets: 3Reps: 10
Notes:Focus on form.
Side Raises Exercise Picture 3. Side Raises
Sets: 3Reps: 6
Dumbbell Lateral Inline Shoulder Raise Exercise Picture 4. Dumbbell Lateral Inline Shoulder Raise
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Rear Shoulder Isolation
Front Raises Exercise Picture 5. Front Raises
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Drop set to finish off your deltoids.
Rotator Cuff (Elastic Band) Exercise Picture 6. Rotator Cuff (Elastic Band)
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Notes:Strong rotators are integral for a good solid shoulder joint. Too many football players have fallen to a bummed shoulder.
Day 5 - Abdominals
Ball Crunches Exercise Picture 1. Ball Crunches
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Ball Knee Crunches Exercise Picture 2. Ball Knee Crunches
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Ball Rollout Exercise Picture 3. Ball Rollout
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Bridge Exercise Picture 4. Bridge
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Cable Side Bends Exercise Picture 5. Cable Side Bends
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Day 5 - Plyometrics
Ball to Ball Twists Exercise Picture 1. Ball to Ball Twists
Sets: 3Reps: 10
One Foot Box Jumps Exercise Picture 2. One Foot Box Jumps
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Side Box Jumps Exercise Picture 3. Side Box Jumps
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Double Knee Jumps Exercise Picture 4. Double Knee Jumps
Sets: 3Reps: 12
Day 6 - Cardio
Recumbent Bike Exercise Picture 1. Recumbent Bike
Duration: 20 Min Intensity: 95%
Notes:Complete a 5 High intensity interval training sessions for maximum speed and fat loss.

With this log you will be able to print off as many sheets as required to track this workout.

Herschel Walker | Football Basics

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