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Increase your Strength Workout

Increase your Bench PressThis workout is designed to increase your strength and muscle size. By the end of your 7 weeks you should be able to increase your chosen exercise by 20% (ie. You could increase your bench press from 200 pounds to 240). The following 14 workouts will help you gain strength and size using advanced training principles like: progressive overload, negatives, reverse pyramids and going to failure (here are more advanced training principles).


The way this program works is by overloading your muscles and giving them enough time to recouperate and challenging them in a few ways each and every workout. You should be completing a workout twice a week making sure to have at least 48 hours of rest inbetween each workout. Also, don't forget about a good bodybuilding meal plan to help your body recover from intense training. You can apply this workout plan to any exercise. Including your bench press, deadlift, squats, leg press, barbell curl, tricep pulldown etc.

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Workout Log to improve your exercise workout plans
Why do most trainers get their clients to write down their workouts? It is because it works. Recording your workouts allows you to track your progress, determine what is working and track your weight and measurements to see what is giving you results. This is the best $12.00 + shipping you'll ever spend on your body.

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