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This section is dedicated to informing the fitness professional with the latest fitness information. Please navigate below to find a list of fitness articles. Some are contain older articles so please check your the dates if you are referencing information.

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Achilles Tendinitis Treat Achilles Tendinitis | Treating Achilles Tendinitis
Aerobics Aerobics and Men | Males and Aerobics | Aerobics
Anatomy of Breathing Breathing Anatomy | Anatomy of Breathing | Breathing
Benefits of Exercise Top Benefits of Exercise | Exercise Benefits
Best Weight Loss Links Weight Loss Principles you MUST know for Summer!
Best Workout Exercises Best Workout Exercises | Best Muscle Exercises
BIOS FP713 Body Fat Scale Review Bois Wireless Body Fat Scale - FP713
BMI and the Scale BMI and Other Scales | BMI Considerations | BMI
Body Fat Body Fat Norms | Body Fat Percentages
Bodybuilder and I Movie Review The Bodybuilder and I | Movie Review
Electronic Ab Machines Ab Machines | Electronic Ab Machines | TV Ab Machines
Energy Systems Energy Systems: Phosphocreatine, Glycolytic, Oxidative| Energy Systems
Exercise Basics Exercise Basics | Exercising Fundamentals | Basics of Exercise
Exercise FAQ Exercise Frequently Asked Questions | Exercise FAQ
Exercise Safety Exercise Safety Tips | Exercising Safety | Exercise
Exercising and Youth Stats Exercising and Youth Statistics | Exercise in Children Stats
Fat Burn The Truth About Fat Burn | Fat Burning Truth
Fat Burning Fat Burn and Weight Training | Fat Burn
Fibromyalgia and Exercise Fibromyalgia and Exercise | Exercising with Fibromyalgia
Fitness Statistics Fitness Statistics | Exercising Statistics | Fitness Stats
Frequently Asked Questions FAQ on Exercise | Frequently Asked Questions on Exercising
HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training | HIIT
Home Gyms Home Gyms - Which One? | Home Gym Review
Iliotibial Band Syndrome Treat Iliotibial Band Syndrome | Treating the IT Band
Impingement Syndrome Impingement Syndrome - Exercises and Treatment for Rotator Cuff's
Lose Weight on a Budget How to Lose Weight on a Budget
Mental Fatigue Mental Fatigue | Muscle Fatigue | Workout Fatigue
Muscle Dysmorphia, Bigorexia, Anorexia Athletica Anorexia Athletica |Anorexia Athletica Struggle
Overcome that Plateau Overcome a Plateau | How to Overcome a Plateau
Periodization Periodization Overview | Periodization Training | Periodization Basics
Plyometrics Training Guide to Plyometrics | Plyometric Training
Rest between your sets Amount of rest time and your goal
Running Injuries | Running Injury Running Injury | Running Injuries | Running Problems
Shin Splints Treatment Shin Splints Treatment | Treat Shin Splints
Speed Training and Drills Sport Drills | Speed Training | Sporting Drills
Spin Class Spinning Class | Spinning Class Preperation
SPINNING Overview SPINNING Benefits | Spinning Bicycles | Spinning Results
Sport Drills Sport Drills | Drills Part 2 | Sporting Drills
Sports Specific Training Sport Specificity Training | Sports Specific
Talking Heart Rate Monitor Product Review: FP402 BIOS Talking Heart Rate Monitor
Tennis Tennis : Benefits, How to Start | Tennis Exercising
Top 5 Mistakes Top 5 Mistakes at the Gym | Gym Mistakes
Top Ten Exercising Mistakes Top Ten Weightroom Mistakes | Weight Training Mistakes
Weight Room and Exercise Injuries Weight Room Injuries | Exercise Injuries
Weight Room Etiquettte Weight Room Etiquette | Weight Training Rules
Weight Room Intimidation Weight Room Intimidation | Weight Room Benefits
Weight Training Principles Dropsets, Overload, Giant Sets, Supersets and More
Why a Workout Logbook? Workout Logbook Reasons | Why a Workout Logbook

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Personal Trainer Guide to Weight Training and NutritionThis workout log book has been described as a "Personal Trainer in your pocket.," This guide is a complete "how to guide" to weight training and nutrition. With this guide you won't need to bring a huge binder with print outs or full size workout regemes.