What are the BEST Cellulite Exercises?

Author: Rod Ferris


Cellulite is definitely the most frustrating fat on your body. It can be ugly and difficult to get rid of. Since cellulite is a side effect of having a higher percentage of body fat in any certain area (thighs, arms, back, legs) a lot of people try and reduce their cellulite with creams and other expensive methods.

One of the most effective ways is to reduce your overall body fat percentage and the skin will appear tighter with less fatty deposits.


  • Since we know that cellulite CANNOT be permanently reduced with: massage (Source), mesotherapy (Source), and liposuction (Source)
  • There is some evidence that certain aftermarket products/treatments may work such as:
    • Three step laser treatments (Source)
    • Fat reducing supplements such as CLA (Source) and Green Tea
    • Certain creams containing: retinol (may increase blood flow), caffeine and ruscogenine (Source)
  • We do know is the severity of cellulite and BMI are related. The higher the BMI, the more severe the cellulite.

What Exercises Can you Do?

When choosing cellulite exercises we need to think of the biggest muscle groups to spike our growth hormone which helps increase our metabolism for days to come. We have listed the muscle groups here to focus on.

Legs - Powerful legs are extremely important since they are the bodys biggest muscle group.

ChestChest muscles are also important because your chest is the biggest upper body muscle within the body.

Back - 
Chest and back are large muscles and must be worked on .

ShouldersMany people neglect shoulders but they are also important as they can increase the functional uses of our muscles. Shoulders are used in any pulling or pushing action. If you start to feel any pain make sure you stop and continue on later when it stops hurting.

- Abdominals should not be overtrained but are important to increase your overall core strength.

Flexibility exercises are also extremely important for overall health. The more flexible you are the less chance you'll injure yourself during exercise or during your daily routine.

Most Important Compound Exercises For Cellulite Reduction

Jump Squats : A great weight training football training exercise
Jump Squats
 - Squats are extremely improtant, this uses your entire lower body.

Deadlifts- football Weight Training Exercise
Deadlifts Exercise - Deadlifts work on entire body.

Bench Press - Football Weight Training Exercise
Bench Press Exercise

Wood Choppers is a great football weight training exercise 
Wood Choppers Exercise
 - This exercise will help with your core muscles and hopefully increase your musculature around your abdomen.

What is a sample workout I can try?

A circuit training program mixed with a focus on high intensity interval training every other day would help achieve the lowest amount of body fat. This workout is our favourite circuit.