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Posterior Deltoid Muscle

rear deltoid, shoulder, rounded shoulders, posterior deltoid, rear shoulder Muscle AnatomyThe posterior deltoid is the smallest of the deltoid muscles. It is also the most important muscle to help give you the 'rounded shoulder' look.
The function of the posterior deltoid/shoulder muscle is for shoulder extension, transverse extension, transverse abduction and external rotation.
The origin of attaches onto the inferior edge (spine) on the scapula.
The posterior deltoid muscle inserts onto the deltoid tuberosity of the humerous.
There are not too many exercises to train the posterior deltoid. Make sure to switch between cables and free weights to change intensities on the muscle.


PictureName of Exercise
Shoulder / Deltoid ExtensionsShoulder / Deltoid Extensions Start with the cable weight across your body as shown. Now raise the weight by pulling the weight across your body with your rear deltoid. This is an advanced exercise because of...
Dumbbell Lateral Inline Shoulder RaiseDumbbell Lateral Inline Shoulder Raise This dumbbell isolation shoulder exercise can be performed by lying on an incline bench with your upper body and one foot on the ground. Now with one hand holding a dumbbell and d...
Machine Rear Deltoid LateralsMachine Rear Deltoid Laterals
Sit on a Pec Deck machine facing the back pad. Either grasp the handles or place your arms behind the arm pads. Bring your arms back as far as comfortable and hold. Reverse ...
Rear Raises (On the Ball)Rear Raises (On the Ball) With the weights between your legs and palms in, keeping your back and head level with the ground. As well, as your knees at a ninety degree angle raise the weights with your palm...
Elastic Band Rear RaisesElastic Band Rear Raises Start by bending over with an elastic band underneath your feet and your arms perpendicular to the floor. Now raise your arms out to the side so that your arms are now parallel to...

Stretches and Flexibility

ImageName of Flexibility Exercise
Back / Rhomboid Stretch - StretchBack / Rhomboid Stretch: To complete this exercise complete the following:
- Cross one arm in front of your body.

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