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For some variety add these to your routine

Dumbbell ExerciseDumbbell exercises are great for intermediate or advanced workouts as they not only have a fluid movement (compared to machines) but they are great for variety into any workout plan. Dumbbell exercises are focused on gravity and should be combined with cables, bodyweight and machines for a varied workout routine. You can also purchase magnets that go on the sides of dumbbells to help increase the weight by 2.5 pounds instead of jumping up by 5 pounds. This 'progressive overload principle' will help you lift a heavier weight.


PictureName of Dumbbell Exercise
Dumbbell Lateral Inline Shoulder RaiseDumbbell Lateral Inline Shoulder Raise This dumbbell isolation shoulder exercise can be performed by lying on an incline bench with your upper body and one foot on the ground. Now with one hand holding a dumbbell and d...
Rear Raises (On the Ball)Rear Raises (On the Ball) With the weights between your legs and palms in, keeping your back and head level with the ground. As well, as your knees at a ninety degree angle raise the weights with your palm...

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