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The ultimate beginners go-to exercises

Machine exercises are great for beginniners as they limit the range of motion and prevention from injury. Machine exercises are excellent for hotels, home gyms or drop setting when you dont want to spend time changing the plates on the barbell.


PictureName of Machine Exercise
Machine Military or Shoulder PressMachine Military or Shoulder Press Sit comfortably on a ball making sure your knees are ninety degrees to the floor and you are in the middle of the ball. Start with the weight at your side above your head (as show...

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To reduce medial deltoid?I think I had gained too much muscle on my left side-deltoid, due to excessive carrying of my kids. Now my left shoulder (side deltoid) is bulky and really muscular. How do I thin it down to make it similar to the right shoulder? It doesn't look it's...
excercises for the deltoidsok i looked in the excercise database and from what i've seen most of the excercises concentrate on the anterior and medial deltoids. i really want to work on the lateral deltoids (the biggest out of the 3) and can't find any excercises for it. Do...