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Cables defy gravity and increase variety to your workout

Cable exercises are a great way to implement variety into a workout. Cables are usually attached to a type of universal machine or can be a standalone machine. Cable machines can be used as an entire home workout gym as hundreds of exercises can be performed with hand grips, bars or leg attachments. Cables are not effected by gravity and can be complementary to dumbbells.


PictureName of Cable Exercise
Side RaisesSide Raises Kneeling down with the cable behind your body, keeping your head and back straight, raise the weight to your side with a slight bend in your arm (until it is level with the ground)...

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To reduce medial deltoid?I think I had gained too much muscle on my left side-deltoid, due to excessive carrying of my kids. Now my left shoulder (side deltoid) is bulky and really muscular. How do I thin it down to make it similar to the right shoulder? It doesn't look it's...
excercises for the deltoidsok i looked in the excercise database and from what i've seen most of the excercises concentrate on the anterior and medial deltoids. i really want to work on the lateral deltoids (the biggest out of the 3) and can't find any excercises for it. Do...