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Cables defy gravity and increase variety to your workout

Cable exercises are a great way to implement variety into a workout. Cables are usually attached to a type of universal machine or can be a standalone machine. Cable machines can be used as an entire home workout gym as hundreds of exercises can be performed with hand grips, bars or leg attachments. Cables are not effected by gravity and can be complementary to dumbbells.


PictureName of Cable Exercise
One Arm Cable CurlsOne Arm Cable Curls Start with a cable in one hand standing perfectly erect. Now raise the weight while keeping your elbow into your side and breathing out on the way up. Breathe in on the way down ...
Lying Down Cable CurlsLying Down Cable Curls Start by lying down on a mat with a cable between your legs. Now while maintaining keeping your back firmly on the ground, lift the weight using your biceps and brachialis. This ...