Anterior Deltoid Barbell Workout Exercises

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A great way to improve strength and power

Barbell exercises are usually used during compound power exercises. These exercises use many muscle groups and are functional for any athlete. The disadvantage to barbells are that you can easily use a 'stronger side' to help lift the weight. Dumbbells should be used with a lagging side. Olympic barbells usually weigh 45lbs but should not be used if the bar is bent. The barbell should also be inspected regularly to make sure it has maintained its integrity. If you feel that the barbell is about to break or isn't safe, report it.


PictureName of Barbell Exercise
Bench PressBench Press While lying comfortably on a bench, the bar should be lowered to the middle of the chest area, and then back up to full extension without locking your elbows. The lower back shoul...
Upright RowUpright Row To perform the upright row begin with an overhand grip, and hands comfortably apart, let the weight hang directly in front of you. Lift the bar straight up, keeping the bar close ...
Push Press Push Press This exercise is meant for overall power and strength. This exercise should only be performed if you are an advanced trainer or supervised by a spotter. Start by standing up with...