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Stability is the name of the game

Ball exercises are usually used for stabilizer type exercise or workout plans. Exercise balls are lightweight and make the athlete use their core to keep stabilized while performing the exercise. These balls are also called Thera-balls, Big Balls, or Stability Balls. Ball exercises should be performed near the end of the workout as a weak core can interfere with the total useage of muscle fibers.


PictureName of Ball Exercise
Exercise Ball PushupsExercise Ball Pushups These exercise ball pushups are much harder than ground pushups because you are doing them on an exercise ball which throws your balance off significantly. To begin, lie face firs...
Double Medicine Ball PushupsDouble Medicine Ball Pushups This alternate chest pushup exercise can be performed by having two medicine balls in each hand in a pushup position. With your hips flat with your body (see picture) lower your u...