Erector Spinae Exercises and Workouts

Author: Rod Ferris


The Erector Spinae is made up of a group of muscles that originate from the T9-T12 and insert onto T1 and T2. The primary action is to extend the vertebral column. The opposing muscle is the abdominals or rectus abdominis.

Training and Notes

  • Everyone should be strengthening the erector spinae muscles as even desk jockeys need to keep it strong to prevent pain
  • Training your lower back and abdominals should have equal importance
  • Weak abdominals WILL effect your lower back and you may have problems
  • Many trainers would recommend 24-48 hours of recovery time for abs
  • There are many exercises you can perform without weights such as ball back hyperextensions and just back hyperextensions on a mat
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So you have some pain in your lower back? Here is the protocol for lower back pain:

  1. Call a doctor to make an appointment. They will most likely refer you to a specalist or physiotherapist.
  2. Read this detailed pdf

Most resistance trainers don't need to focus on the lower back as it's trained with other back exercises. Those that have a weak lower back and need to strengthen it should try this 3 times per week but discontinue if you are experiencing any pain:

  1. Ball Back Hypertensions 3 sets (1:30 min between each) and 12-15 reps
  2. Cable Crunches 3 sets @ 12-15 reps (Core)
  3. Machine Back Extensions 3 sets @ 12-15 reps (Legs)
  4. Ball Twisting Crunches 3 sets @ 12-15 reps (Core)

Here is a more advanced workout for your lower back.

No, any exercise that a man can do, a women can do too. There isn't any difference in exercises that anyone should do based on your gender.

back hyper-extensions

You can do the back hyper-extensions by raising each arm and opposing leg at a time as shown above.