Elastic Exercises

Author: Rod Ferris

Why should I use them?

Elastic bands are great for at home training or to vary up a stagnant workout routine. They come in different tensions (or with clips) and are great for personal trainers looking to keep training gear in their car without paying more on gas. Elastics provide an excellent range of exercises; the only problem comes with the ability to add the maximum amount of tension to help increase muscle mass.

Training Notes

  • The door attachment allows an easy way to start lifting heavier
  • Make sure you securely attach the clips and use a heavier door if you can
  • Spend a bit more on the higher quality bands. They won't break as often and also have clips to change the tension easily.
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A great full body workout that can be done with varying tensions on the bands. This is a three day per week workout. If you wanted you could do three circuits of each exercise below instead of doing any rest between each one. Since each exercise works differently muscles you can do this.

  1. Elastic Band Chest Press 3 sets @ 12-15 reps (Chest)
  2. Elastic Lat Pulldowns 3 sets @ 12-15 reps (Back and Biceps)
  3. Elastic Band Lunges 3 sets @ 12-15 reps (Legs)
  4. Elastic Shoulder Press 3 sets @ 12-15 reps (Shoulders)
  5. Twisting Crunches 3 sets @ 12-15 reps (Core)

A good quality in-door chin-up bar and if you wanted to spend the money on a ut

Yes! They do, however the higher quality bands take a much longer time. They all have a certain amount of wear and tear. Try to keep them away from sharp corners and only use the attachments they supply in their carrying case. Watch out for cracks in the bands and also where the clips attach. If it starts to come apart, stop using them and buy new ones.