Cable Exercises

Author: Rod Ferris

Why Cables

Cable exercises are a great way to implement variety into a workout. Cables can be adjusted by height or direction of movement which makes them versitile. Cable machines can be used as an entire home workout gym as hundreds of exercises and can be performed with hand grips, bars or leg attachments.

Advantages over Dumbbells

  • The pully location is the source of resistance which allows for more variety than dumbbells
  • Cables can help you train through your 'sticking point' as you could have a consistent load throughout the repitition
  • You can change the resistance quickly to allow for a circuit training routine in the same location
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A great full body workout that can be done with only ONE machine is as follows. This is a three day per week workout. If you wanted you could do three circuits of each exercise below instead of doing any rest between each one. Since each exercise works differently muscles you can do this.

  1. Upward Cable Crossovers 3 sets @ 12-15 reps (Chest)
  2. Cable Seated Row 3 sets @ 12-15 reps (Back and Biceps)
  3. Cable Deadlift 3 sets @ 12-15 reps (Legs)
  4. Cable Crunches 3 sets @ 12-15 reps (Core)
  5. Cable Upright Row 3 sets @ 12-15 reps (Traps and Front Delts)

If cables are all you have access to then you can mix plyometrics and calisthenics into your workout

It depends on how much time you have but in general: Isolating allows you find weaknesses in each side. It also allows you to focus more on form as you can use your other arm to keep your arm in the proper alignment for the exercise.