Abdominal Exercises

Author: Rod Ferris


Abdominal muscles are perhaps the most important muscle group to train. Strong abdominal muscles translates to a stronger back and a more powerful overall physique. The function of the abdominals is spine or lumbar flexion. The origin of the abdominals originates on the pubis crest. The insertion of the rectus abdominis is onto the ribs(5th, 6th, and 7th) as well as onto the Xipoid Process.

Training and Notes

  • Abdominals are 'fatigue resistent' type of muscles and many trainers advise that you can train them more frequently.
  • Remember that training your abs will NOT help you reduce fat on your abs. This is the most common misconception in weight lifting. This is usually referred to as spot reduction.
  • Many trainers would recommend 24-48 hours of recovery time for abs.
  • Six pack abs can be obtained through reduction in overall body fat mixed with increased musculature.
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Six packs are easier to achieve for some people more than others. Since there are different types of body types and everyone has varying levels of body fat, it may come easier to some than others. Steps to achieve a six pack:

  1. 1. Follow a strict meal plan which encorporates a varied diet. We have one here that we like.
  2. Start a workout plan complete with high intensity interval training.
  3. Try to reach 10,000 steps a day using a step tracker
  4. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per day
  5. Drink plenty of water and cut out alcohol
  6. Start tracking your weight lifting and calories. There are plenty of awesome workout apps to do this.

It's just different, all exercises put a different type of stress on the muscle. Muscles adapt to stress and get stronger. Not allowing your muscle to 'plateau' will help keep you improving. An exercise ball is just another tool you can use for this.

No, any exercise that a man can do, a women can do too. There isn't any difference in exercises that anyone should do based on your sex.

There really aren't too many exercises you can do while sitting in a chair, but you could have an alarm while at work to lie down on the ground and begin a few sets of crunches or v-ups.

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