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  Wii Fit Review

What is the Wii Fit?

Wii Fit is a fitness game developed by Nintendo EAD. It includes more than 40 different activities like yoga, aerobics, strengthen training, balance-oriented games etc. Designed by the famous video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, it helps families to exercise together. It also allows the player to keep on going with his/her regular activities, which may be divided into 3 categories.  They are, 

  1. Light (Eg: playing musical instruments, stretching, etc.)
  2. Medium (Eg: cleaning, gardening, walking, etc.)
  3. Heavy (Eg: tennis, football, swimming, etc.)

It also consists of a Wii Balance Board that helps to measure daily tests like Body Mass Index (BMI), Wii Fit Age etc. In all sense, it is becoming an unavoidable routine for the people who take care of their health - both physically and mentally. 

Before getting into the game, you may be asked to create profile by choosing a Mii, entering your height and age, and doing some quick tests for a baseline to your health regimen that include BMI and Wii Fit Age.

Wii Balance Board was used for this purpose. Now, you may start with the game, which is divided into four groups, yoga, aerobics, strengthen training, and balance games. It is better to start with an easier one before going for advanced games. You will find a quick progress in a short span of time. You can choose the games according to the pounds you want to reduce/gain and can adjust the time accordingly. 

You should use the Wii fit as an addition to your normal exercise workouts.The Wii Fit may be an indication into our possible future showing us how workouts and training may look like in years to come where it will be possible to train your body in any area of the world you like just by pressing a button.

Wii Fit is also a miraculous weight loss product for people of all ages. Like other workouts, you actually need to stick with this one if you want to see results. 

Advantages of the Wii Fit

As we said previously this helps the entire family to exercise together with fun and it is great for anyone. It is less costly when considering the cost of a gym. It is easy to learn and funny to watch. Nowadays, people have complaints that we do not get time to go to gym as we have many other duties to do or the problem will be the distance to the gym. Wii Fit can solve this as we can utilize this whenever we get time. It only takes less than an hour from the daily life and will not make a feel that it is a heavy work, but makes very large improvement in the health. Using the Wii Balance Board, we can calculate and compare our BMI and Wii Fit Age daily.  It gives a feel like “gym at home.” 

Disadvantages to the Wii Fit

Comparing to the gym, it is cheaper, but singly it is hard to get unless you are willing to pay a lot even though it is regarded as a game. It is available in limited stores in limited stocks. Without the Wii Balance Board, it is almost useless. When you begin to love it, you may find yourself addictive to it. The voice recorded in this is very childish and some people get irritated as it repeat itself a lot and treat us as a child. It is not good for cardiac exercises. It is needed to change the batteries frequently.


Is the Wii Fit as good as a regular workout!?

A Wii Fit compared to a gym facility a no contest victory for the gym. You clearly can't get in enough resistance training completed for the Wii Fit to really shine through. It will increase your heart rate but that's where the comparison stops.  If you are debating between purchasing a gym membership or getting a Wii Fit, get the membership please.

How to make it easy?

It causes muscle aches in the places that you really did not think of, most commonly in women and children. Everyone will have a tendency to avoid easier ones even though they are the basements of all. Starting with tough may produce aches and pains, which may take away the interest in your mind. It is better to choose the exercises according to the age and health. 



As we say, “For each coin there is a head and a tail,” Wii Fit also has advantages and disadvantages, comparatively advantages are more than the disadvantages. If you aren't currently working out at a gym or are new into exercise the wii fit may be a good option. Remember health is more precious than wealth. Do not look on the price; it is more less than that your body needs. It is my promise that you will find it much helpful, if you use it properly.

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