Creatine - A Brief Overview

Author: Rod Ferris CPT CPAFLA

Purpose: To help the body replenish energy stores during the Creatine
Phosphate energy system. The CP system is used during high burst,
activities lasting 15s or less. The rational is that if CP store are increased during this phase, the body will be able to complete more repetitions in later sets when the natural levels of CP would be depleted. The ability to perform more reps stimulates protein synthesis, and thus, more muscle tissue is developed.

Research: R

esearch has been very positive and many researchers
believe that creatine has the potential to benefit many athletes and
strength trainers.

Natural Sources: Red meat, and fish.

Notes: When beginning creatine supplementation, a 2-7 pound weight
gain should be anticipated. This gain the result of water retention in the
muscle. If no weight gain is experienced, their may already be adequate
creatine levels in the body or, the product does not contain creatine in it.