HGH Part 2

Author: Dr. John H. Maher
Dr. Bruce Howe
Fortunately, for anti-aging enthusiasts, there are a variety of natural oral Hgh enhancers that are much less expensive. Because they support, not replace, pituitary gland function, they dont shut down your own natural production. These are called 'secretagogues' because they coax or support your own glands to secrete their own hormones, not replace them.

Which Secretagogues Are Best?

As the oral Hgh enhancers (secretagogues) hit the market, caveat emptor! (buyer beware!) Most marketers will quote study results from Hgh injections and then claim them for their product! Here are 4 important questions to ask:

  1. Has the Hgh product been independently lab tested, proving it raises IGF-1 by 50% or more on average? (IGF-1 stands for insulin like growth factor and is the accepted way to measure Hgh response to oral supplements and injections.) Were the studies conducted by a M.D. with expert credential in anti-aging?

  2. Has the Hgh anti-aging product been utilized by scores of doctors for several years to insure safety and effectiveness?

  3. Are there testimonials not only from lay persons, but from M.D.'s from major universities with credentials in anti-aging medicine.

  4. Does the Hgh enhancing product cost more than $2 per day? (It shouldn't!)

My general opinion is to avoid legumes or bean based secretagogues as they may increase estrogen. Oral recombinant Hgh sprays and drops are very effective, but too expensive, and too new to know about safety. Plus you don't support your own production with oral recombinant Hgh, rather you are replacing it. Generally, combinations of amino acids like glutamine, arginine, orthinine ,lysine, flush free niacin and herbs are best. Pick products that have been used safely for at least several years, proven to increase IGF-1 levels by 50% or more, have endorsements from well credentialed authorities, and cost less that $60/month.

Do I Need To See A Doctor First?

My personal opinion is that anyone serious about anti-aging should have a professional anti-aging health coach. Unfortunately, medical anti-aging clinics with Hgh injections cost about $20,000 per year, cash! Doctors like myself who try to make available more modest longevity programs to fit to the middle class budget are rare indeed. Generally however, the more over 40 you look, feel, and perform, the more likely you could probably

benefit from high quality, proven safe and effective Hgh secretagogues as described herein. But be careful. You don't have too be much of an entrepreneur to figure out that "youth in a bottle" is a marketer's dream. Buyer beware!

How You Can I Enhance Your Hgh Levels Naturally

As you may recall from Part I, Hgh levels are affected by stress, rest patterns, nutrition and exercise.

Stressful lifestyles tend to focus the body on producing stress hormones like cortisol and ACTH . Too much stress hormone actually breakdowns muscle tissue, inhibits repair, and interferes with sleep. If a long, vital, and happy life is on your busy agenda, then make fun, rest, play, and quiet times a priority!

Hgh levels are strongly effected by our nutritional status. In the infirm elderly Hgh levels have doubled from admittedly very low levels by supplementing with 20 grams of protein from whey. Correcting suboptimal zinc status in otherwise apparently healthy subjects increased Hgh levels by 20%. As human growth hormone's effect is to stimulate growth, it will maximize your results if you supply yourself with the necessary protein and mineral building blocks through a nutrient dense diet. A high quality multi- vitamin/mineral, rich in anti-oxidants, is also to your health's advantage.

Exercise stimulates Hgh by reducing stress and promoting restful sleep.

However, weight lifting and to a lesser extent running wind sprints, directly enhances Hgh levels. Heavy weight lifting, like dead lifts, squats, and bench presses are the best. Performing 5 to 8 reps, 3 sets, at maximum effort is best.

Unless very experienced, be sure to get guidance from a trainer at your gym or home.

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Dr. John H. Maher
Dr. Bruce Howe

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