Author: Rod Ferris CPT, CPAFLA
Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in your body, and is not an essential amino acid. Glutamine can be synthesized from glutamic acid, valine, and isoleucine which are another amino acids. There has been a lot of hype about glutamine's effects on hypertrophy. Other claims are that it boosts the immune system, prevents muscle breakdown, and aids in recovery from exercise.

Research: Studies have shown that glutamine supplemenation produces a pentent anti-catabolic effect which would support the claim that it would help with exercise recovery and that it helps prevent muscle breakdown. However, research has not shown that glutamine is important for muscle glycogen deposition.

When your not feeling well your immune system steals glutamine from your muscle tissue thus leaving your muscle in a state of "catabolism". This is when glutamine would
be beneficial.

Glutamine is in its initial research stages but should be considered effective in increasing your immune function and should be considered by bodybuilders as a significant way to help increase growth hormone.

Dosage: Your body cannot absorb mass amounts of glutamine at a time and should be ingested with other amino acids. If glutamine supplementation is an option take it with a meal and in small (2-3 grams) amounts.

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MYFIT Supplemental Usefulness Rating: 8.5/10