Green Tea

Author: Rod Ferris CPT, CPAFLA
Green Tea has been used medically for centuries in India and China, and the benefits are realated to regular consumption of green tea. With a reported antioxidant activity of about fifty times stronger than vitamin C and E this tea is the "REAL DEAL" with claims and studies like:
Anti-atherogenic / Reduces cholesterol & triglycerides
"Thus, green tea polyphenol may exert an antiatherosclerotic action by virtue of its antioxidant properties and by increasing HDL cholesterol levels." (
Enhances immune function
Green tea has been reported to be about fifty times stronger than vitamins C and E
Enhances weight loss
"We report here that a green tea extract stimulates brown adipose tissue thermogenesis to an extent which is much greater than can be attributed to its caffeine content per se, and that its thermogenic properties could reside primarily in an interaction between its high content in catechin-polyphenols and caffeine with sympathetically released noradrenaline (NA)" (
"The green tea extract may play a role in the control of body composition via sympathetic activation of thermogenesis, fat oxidation, or both." (
"(green tea, black tea, decaffeinated green tea plus caffeine, decaffeinated black tea plus caffeine, or caffeine alone) decreased the thickness of the dermal fat layer under large tumors to a much greater extent than under small tumors. This is the first demonstration of a close association between inhibition of carcinogenesis and the lowering of tissue fat levels by a chemopreventive agent." (

Is it safe?
Green tea has been proven safe up to 20 cups per day and has no significant side effects. However, it may lead to insomnia, restlessness, and tachycardia. There are decaffeinated versions of green tea which may be a "beginners" drink to find out the effects on your body.