Food Allergies

Author: Amanda Roth Bsc, N.D. to be May 2004
When we think of food allergies, we usually picture people with life threatening reactions to nuts or those with lactose intolerance. But this problem goes much deeper and most likely affects you as well!
Most doctors ignorantly overlook food as a cause of illness. Our food now consists of some of the most potent additives, toxins, pesticides, colourings and preservatives. Often reactions to such chemicals or the food itself may be very subtle at first and over time we get used to the symptoms (canker sores, diarrhea, bladder infections, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, irritability, eczema, attention deficit disorder, fatigue, etc) and make no correlation to what we ingest everyday. Over time the stress on your system can lead to more severe illnesses such as arthritis, asthma, hypoglycemia, arrhythmia, ulcer, seizures, etc.

If you suffer from chronic, unexplained symptoms food a

llergies could be the culprit. There are a number of options if you wish to look into it further. Many holistic Health Clinics will provide some type of food allergy testing. Skin testing, immunological testing procedures such as ELISA, radioallergosorbent test, stool analysis, muscle testing and EAV acupuncture testing. However, the less expensive and possibly more effective route its to test it using an elimination or rotation diet. Using a set program of eliminating foods slowly, following a hypoallergenic diet and then reintroducing foods normally eaten can give you clues as to what foods or family of foods you might be sensitive. There are many such diets that you can follow provided by your naturopath or nutritionist. If you do have any of these symptoms find someone in your area with the expertise to help. Act now and take charge of your own wellness!