Naturopathic Review Part 2

Author: Amanda Roth Bsc, N.D. to be May 2004

Who Should See a Naturopath?

Many people see a naturopath on a regular basis as a primary care physician. Naturopaths receive the same basic medical training as M.D.'s. Even healthy people see a naturopath to find out how to maintain their health. From injuries, allergies, digestive, hormonal, skin problems to depression a naturopath will be able to provide suggestions to help manage your concerns. Every naturopath will have their own type of practice, emphasising certain modalities and therapies. Find out who is in your area and check it out. Though naturopathic care is not covered under OHIP, most health plans provide insurance for care. Remember, in the long run, prevention is always cheaper and easier than the difficult process of trying to cure disease.

What can you expect from a naturopathic visit?

The first visit to a naturopath will certainly not be like what you experience in going to your regular doctor. After you spend over an hour filling out lots of questions about your background and medical history, most first visits are over an hour and a half long. Your naturopath will want to understand you in many aspects

of your life. He/she will treat you as a unique individual and will allow you to tell your whole story. Your treatment plan will include ways in which you can make positive changes in many areas of your life to live a healthier life!

Is Naturopathic Medicine Regulated?

Naturopathic medicine is a regulated health profession (in Ontario), licensing graduates of accredited programs. Regulated naturopathic doctors are required to complete 3 years of pre-medical studies at a recognized university, 4 years of full-time naturopathic education at an approved college, and pass rigorous regulatory board examinations that are standardized across North America. The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Toronto, is the only institution training naturopathic doctors in Canada. The demand for naturopathic care is growing drastically in the province and is presently under governmental review to see how to better fit it into the present health care system.

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