Lose Weight on a Budget

Author: Mike Cecchin
Sometimes we can get a little over indulgent in our weight loss journey. We think we need the latest gadget and the best equipment or we just won’t be as successful. Just think of the long list of things that you could spend money on before you even start to lose weight. Losing weight shouldn’t be expensive, but the weight loss industry is one of the biggest industries in North America. The ads we see everyday make us think that these things make losing weight easier. In reality, some of these gadgets are a big waste of money.
I am going to tell you exactly how to lose weight without losing any money out of pocket and which equipment, although not necessary to lose weight, can actually be useful for your fitness goals.


            This is where some people make there biggest weight loss (and financial) mistakes of their lives. How much do cardio machines, being treadmills, elliptical and stationary bikes, cost these days? Well, it can be anywhere from $1000-$5000. You could end up paying for this large and bulky equipment for years!
Unfortunately, these expensive machines, which some consider “weight loss necessities” are actually the slowest way to burn calories. Sure, it might be convenient to have a treadmill in your garage but why not just step outside and do the same movements? It is much cheaper and proven to be more effective in burning calories.
So what is the best way to do cardio to lose weight? Interval training using your own bodyweight for plyometric exercises or sprinting will burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time, as well as improve your metabolism.


            In order to build muscle you need to use your muscles in ways you’ve never used them before. This way you force your muscles to grow and your body to get stronger in anticipation of the next time your body will need to use

You can do this in a number of ways. The bodybuilder does it in extreme ways with extreme weights. If your goal is to get massive pecs, biceps, and quads, a full gym may be needed. In this case, I suggest you look around for a bargain gym or wait for a summer special in one of the bigger gym chains.
However, if all you want is to get fit and tone up and perhaps gain a little muscle mass, there is no need for drastic weights. Your body is heavy enough for any muscle toning move you need to perform.
Also, all around you there are weight lifting equipment. Just think of the military. They don’t spend there days in the gym. No, they use everyday challenges for realistic training that will actually be useful when the time comes to use the muscles they have gained. Tires, logs, boxes, other people are all great obstacles to push, pull or heave.
Are you a parent? Kill two birds with one stone. Give your child some attention and a thrill, while giving your body a good muscle toning workout by doing some bicep curls and leg extensions with their body weight as resistance.

Useful Tools

            So what should you let yourself spend money on? Some inexpensive and useful tools are a durable jump rope, a good pair of running shoes, medicine or exercise balls (very versatile and fun!), a three way push up/pull up/hanging leg raises bar and a smile!
Don’t waste your money on abs exercise machines, wrist weights bangles, diet pills, or expensive workout clothes. Your workout clothes should be expendable because you will need to be able to get down and dirty!

            The important thing about your workout plan is to have consistency, a realistic and positive attitude, and determination. It really doesn’t matter if you have any equipment at all. All your body needs to get fit is you!