BIOS FP713 Body Fat Scale Review

Author: Rod Ferris B.A. CPT(YMCA, ACE), CPAFLA
We received the new body fat scale/heart rate monitor from BIOS in the mail last week and would like to share our opinions on this new wireless body scale product. The FP713 comes in a bigger box which contains the glass scale, wireless infrared remote display, a heart rate watch and finally the heart rate band which goes around your chest.

Design 9/10

The design is beautiful, modern and very functional. The wireless remote comes with screw holes to mount on a wall that you can monitor the temperature, time and all your stats recorded on the scale. The buttons are clearly laid out in a very functional manner to easily view all the options within the scale. The scale itself is actually without a button so you'll get use to using the remote.

Ease of Use 10/10

Within five minutes of reading th

e instruction manual I was off using the scale. I told my fiancee and she too found it extremely easy and intuitive.

Accuracy 9/10

While the scale didn't tell me a reading I wanted to see, it was very accurate. Please note however that readings vary depending on the time of day you measure. Ie. Using the scale in the morning will give a lower body fat percentage than at night. Water retention and the other factors will vary as well. For a consistent reading you must try and use the scale at the same time every day.

Overall 9.8/10

This scale does exactly what it says it does and it also provides you with an added bonus of a watch with a heart rate monitor. Being a techie fitness guy I would have liked to have seen the scale play nicely with your computer to track the recorded results on a screen. If anyone is looking to pick one of these up you can at your local Sports Chek.