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Author: Rod Ferris B.A. CPT(YMCA, ACE), CPAFLA
Sure Brad Pitt and Madonna have money to spend on personal trainers and motivational coaches, but what can we do? We can do it ourselves! Here are 10 principles which you MUST know if you want to look as if you just jumped out of a men's health magazine.

1. HIIT: High intensity interval training:
Burn 9 times the amount of fat as compared to a long slow distance run!

2. Complete powerful compound exercises during your training regime:
Compound exercises are an integral part of every training regime, complete these exercises to improve your overall fitness level:
Bench Press
Jump Squats: Increase your overall power, strength and speed with ONE EXERCISE
Barbell Squats
Chin Ups
Try out these Ball Exercises
Add a new compound exercise to your routine monthly.

3. Follow 6 nutritional guidelines
This is fairly simple, follow these six rules

4. Make sure you have these foods in your house
There are tons of health foods to keep in your fridge and cupboards; make sure you have these to keep your skin healthy, your muscles repaired, keep your metabolism high and prevent any fut

re illness.:
Grocery List

5. Eat protein and carbs before, during and after exercise
This is an EXTREMELY important tip which everyone must follow if they wish to maximize their time in the gym.

6. Keep a training diary or workout log

It's so easy to keep track of your workouts while you're lifting weights. In between sets just sit down and look to see what you did last time for the same exercise and increase the intensity, weight or reps to make sure you're always improving your body. For $12.00CDN you can't go wrong here:
Workout Log and Personal Training Guide

7. Try out a new core strength exercise
Core strength exercises are integral for overall strength and conditioning. Not only will they help you achieve a tighter midsection, they will help reduce your likelihood of getting injured.

8. Circuit training programs for fat loss
Circuit training is one of the most integral fitness programs to implement for quick and effective fat loss. If you are a beginner to intermediate trainer try this program out!

9. Supplements for overall well being and body composition:
With the exception of Creatine and HMB everyone should be taking these supplements and following these guidelines.

10. Best workout exercises
Want the best workout exercises that have a high Electromyographical (EMG) percentage to stimluate the muscles you want to work the most? Read this article!