Shin Splints Treatment

Author: Rod Ferris B.A. CPT(YMCA, ACE), CPAFLA
Shin splits can occur as an aching feeling beside your tibia (shinbone) after running or intense walking. This is sometimes caused by excessive stress such as overpronation, improper shoes, running on the balls of the feet or a rapid increase and decrease in speed (rugby, football players). Sometimes shin splints can feel like multiple small bumps along either side of the tibia.

Shin Splint Treatment

- Aspirin (reduce pain), ibuprofen(reduce inflammation) but never acetaminophen.
- Ice the affected area right after exercise
- Reduce distance and intensity for one week
- Avoid a strong intensity.
-Make sure to stretch properly before exercise
- Orthotic devices
- anti-inflammatory meds
- Physical therapy which includes ultrasound.

This can be a chronic syndrome if you dont take care of it early on. Athletes should be aware of the symptoms and treatments.