Achilles Tendinitis

Author: Rod Ferris B.A. CPT(YMCA, ACE), CPAFLA
Achilles Tendinitis is a very difficult injury to treat. This inflammation involves degeneration or rupture of the Achilles tendon. The tendon is located just below your calf muscle.

The stages are:

Stage 1: Irritation or inflammation of the surrounding tissue around the Achilles Tendon which could be caused by a running shoe.
Stage 2: Inflammation or pain of the actual Achilles tendon. Sometimes this is accompainied by a piercing sensation that occurs during the activity.
Stage 3: The fibres in the tendon weaken and may snap or rupture.

Possible Treatment

- Decrease the intensity of the activity causing you pain or inflammation.
- Avoiding hills (if running).
- Take aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce inflammation.
- Buy new shoes that match your gait correctly.
- Work on the flexibility of your calf.
- In more severe cases you may need to have orthotics.

If the injury persists consult a medical physician.