Home Gyms

Author: Rod Ferris CPT, CPAFLA
Home Gyms
How do you know which one to get? Well, the answer is you have to think about what your going to use it for. Then write that down. (just to stay in shape, for a sport, for your son or daughter, etc.) Once you have determined what, then you have to decide which one has the highest quality for your money. Then you need to search these links below and ask yourself the following questions:

Home Gym Self Questionnaire

1. Does it have what everything I need to get my goals accomplished? (whole body workout)
2. Is it going to be time consuming? A good home gym dosn't take up more time setting up then you workout with it.
3. Where are you going to put it? Once you set it up its hard to take it and fold it away. (If you can do that you don't have the right kind.
4. Is it within your predetermined price range?
5. Are the cables smooth, and is there any friction on the negative? Cheap home gyms have a lot of friction on the negative and therefore you can't accomplish your goal in the shortest amount of time.
6. Is it what you really wanted?!
7. Look at the construction is it well made? Don't be afraid to examine it and test it out! After all once you buy it its yours!
8. Be careful with the line: 1 month free trial. Sure its a one month f
ee trial, but once you set it up you have to take it apart and then ship it!
9. Novelty wears off. Keep that in mind. Do you think you will USE IT!?

What about your Own Exercise Band Home Gym System

You may want to consider purchasing your own gym system but one that you can take with you in a bag. I received one of these home gyms systems in a bag and I haven't used the expensive gym since.

Advantages of this Elastic Band Home Gym

1. Super lightweight and it will fit into your suitcase.
2. Comes with a door attachment to use with any door in your house. It is used on the backside of the door so it won't ruin your door frame.
3. Constant resistance on your muscles versus a free weight home gym system.
4. Cost: In comparison to a home gym system it is 1/6th of the price.
5. Comes with a huge variety of elastic band exercises to complete.

Which Home Gym System Are Talking About

We are talking about this awesome new system in the following image.