Author: Eric Knight B.A. Hon. Kinesiology, CPT (Canfit Pro)
I hear it all the time a the gym, “Isn’t aerobics for girls?” “Skipping rope is for women!” Well it’s about time we change this mentality. Come on men! Say it with me. “I’m man enough to hop, grapevine, repeat and still feel strong!”

Skipping rope is a great activity to develop coordination, speed, and endurance. If you think jumping rope is for sissies, say that to Lennox Lewis or Mike Tyson. Boxers have incorporated skipping rope into their training for the longest time. One of the great things about jumping rope is the fact that all you need for the activity is a rope. There’s no need for expensive or bulky equipment. You can bring a jump rope with you when you travel and it’s a great substitute whenever most cardio equipment is currently being used. Now hold on to your hats guys. Skipping rope at
a moderate pace can burn up to 700 cal/hr for a 155lb man or 850 cal/hr for a 190lb man.

Aerobics are often intimidating for men. Maybe it’s the lack of other male presence, the need for coordination, or perhaps Richard Simmons. If it’s coordination, remember men, all things in life take practice. As you attend more classes, you will become more comfortable and in step with the moves. If you still feel uncoordinated, try cycle (spinning) classes. These are aerobics classes performed on stationary bikes. Aerobic classes incorporate movement of the whole body as opposed to the lower body emphasis when riding bikes or doing the stair steppers. In addition to this, participating in an aerobics class burns 400 – 600 cal/hr. Now if you’re worried about being the only male there, having a female to male ratio of 30:1 isn’t as bad as you may think.